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The Best Business Blogging and Social Media Marketing Resources for 2008 and 2009:

Welcome to our compiled list of the 40+ Best of the Best of business blogging, social media marketing, and social media optimization. We’ve scoured the web for the best of the best of the web in terms of social media and business blogging to make this an ultimate resource for all your new media marketing needs.

This section just launched and is currently in beta. If you believe a particular issue should be covered or would like to suggest an extraordinary resource, please contact us.

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Aim for the Longtail:

• Aim for the Longtail

Anchor Text, Anchor Text, Anchor Text

Anchor Text for Links is Key

Getting Started Creating a Niche Blog:

Choosing a Name for Your Niche Blog (Domain Name or Website URL) by Dosh Dosh

Choosing WordPress Blog Themes:

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes by Smashing Magazine
Choosing a Premium WordPress Themes by Smashing Magazine
Graph Paper Press Premium WordPress Themes
• Revolution Premium WordPress Theme
• Unstandard WordPress Theme
Sketch’d WordPress Theme
Firebug is a fantastic free wordpress theme.
Pearsonified free and premium Themes
Zombie WordPress Theme
WordPress Theme and Web Design Inspiration.
Pool and K2 (example) are quite lovely WordPress themes.

Choosing Your Business Blog’s Layout for Usability:

Blog Usability Guidelines by Jakob Nielson
Effective Use of Blog a Sidebars
Blog Usability Checklist by Skelliewag

Getting Started in Social Media:

Getting Started with Social Media-A Guide and Resource List by Jared Goralnick

Social Media Usage Statistics for Marketers

Social Media Customer Usage Statistics.

Social Media Best Practices:

Social Media Best Practices from Servant of Chaos

Social Media Power Tools and Toys:

Ultimate social media resource and tool list by Frank Grueber

Business Blogging Policy Guidelines:

• Thomas Nelson’s Corporate Blogging Guidelines

Social Media for Productivity and Collaborative Communication:

Organization 2.0: Introduction to Wikis for Business and Non-profits

Reputation Management with Social Media

Social Media Reputation Management Tools

Writing Tips and Techniques:

Lifehacks Writing Tips | Writers Resources @ Lorelle at WordPress

Social Media that Really Connects:

Meg Fowler

Corporate Social Media Case Studies:

35 + Social Media Case Studies
Master List of Social Media Case Studies by Peter Kim (Wow)
Corporate Social Media Case Studies by Debbie Weil

Lifestreaming with Social Media:

Create a lifestream (go to bottom section)
Organize your online life for productivity with lifestreaming.

Best of the Social Media Rockstars:

• Chris Brogan @ Chris Brogan
• Valeria Conversation Agent
• Beth Kanter’s Non-Profit Blog

Best Intermediate Blogging Resources:

7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Get Links and Traffic by Skellie at Problogger
20 Blogging Projects for You by Chris Brogan
22 Socialbookmarking Sites that Actually Work by Caroline Middlebrook
Copywriting for Blogs by Copyblogger

Thought Leadership with Social Media Marketing:

Online thought leadership

Blogging and Social Media Marketing for Christian Organizations

Tips for Church Blogging Using a Bridge Strategy
• Church Blogging by Brian Bailey (link to be added soon…)

Basic Search Engine Optimization:

What’s a #1 Ranking in Google Worth?
Guide to Search Engine Optimization by Aaron Wall
11 Dos and Don’ts of SEO by Stuntdubl (excluding buying text links)
Linkbuilding Tips for New Websites by Dosh Dosh

Landing Page Optimization Tools

Sales leads via blogging by Chris G
Landing Page Optimization Resources
Landing Page Tutorials and Case Studies by Copyblogger
F-Shaped Viewing Patterns Using Eyetracking from Jacob Neilson

Internet and Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing Strategy and Metrics (fantastic post)
Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2007 by Tamar Weinberg

10 Ways to Build Web Traffic from Dosh Dosh

Monetizing the Web with Affiliate Marketing:

Design and Social Media:

10 Commandments of Web Design
Alltop Design

Social Media Careers

Social Media Careers

Nonprofits and Social Media Marketing

• Coming Soon…

Web Metrics, Conversion, and Landing Page Optimization

Social Media Metrics Wiki
Web Analytics Wiki
Tracking offline conversions
Web Metrics Worksheets
• More coming Soon…

Web 2.0 and Technology Productivity

• Coming Soon…

Wikis for Business and Enterprise 2.0:

• Coming Soon…

Niche Specific | Real Estate Blogs and Social Media

Time Saving and Productive Real Estate Blogging
Real Estate on Technorati
Real Estate on Alltop
Real Estate Do Follow Blogs
Real Estate Webmasters Forum

Niche Specific | Environment Blogs and Social Media

Green and Environment Blogs on Alltop
35 Best Green Blogs at Read Write Web
Best Green Blogs Directory

Niche Specific | Health Blogs and Social Media

Health on Alltop
Fitness on Alltop

We make these fantastic resources available as a service to you. We hope you enjoy. Stay tuned for further updates, such as wikis, productivity, and web metrics. Thanks to Connie Bensen for this idea.

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  7. Great list, and thanks for including me! I particularly like the way you have broken it down … will share it with my colleagues!

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  11. This is also a cool way to follow Twitter–I haven’t decided if its better than Twitter search or not:

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