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What are the principles of ethical SEO and principled internet marketing?

What is ethics in marketing?

Ethics in marketing is about using both ethical means and ethical ends in your product development and marketing process. It providing quality customer service so that product delivery and execution is nearly flawless. Responsible companies want to really add value to their customer and to humanity. Consistently the best companies are companies which respect customers intelligence and interests and use that as the foundation of their product and guiding principles.

Principles of Ethics in Business and Marketing: Ethical SEO in Context
These principles extend from product development and marketing through the product (or service) delivery phase. They are based in respect for the dignity the consumer and community and are at the backbone of all ethical systems.

• Based on products and services that add real value to the consumer. Products and services that solve real consumer problems.
• Practices honesty in marketing and advertising. Ultimately, truth in advertising.
• Create win/win solutions for consumer, community, and business. On balance does more good than harm.
Some businesses go so far as to promote the triple bottom line (profit-planet-people)
• Practices sound business ethics

What is ethics seo and principled internet marketing?
How do you determine if you are using responsible and ethical web marketing tactics? How do you determine if your are using ethical tactics and strategies in your web marketing strategies? Here are some core ethical communication and ethical seo principles:

• Creating great, audience centric content that adds value.
Avoid spam and spam-like methods for marketing and promotion
• Not manipulating or tricking the user to increase search rankings
• Not manipulating or tricking the search engines such as cloaking
• Making your website usable for users. User centric design is critical.
• Avoiding duplicate content helps SEO
• Avoid link farms

And generally avoid the marketing practices that Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft frowns upon. For instance the search engines generally dislike. The best way is to assess your internal values on a regular basis. What do the principles of ethics internet marketing mean in terms of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Initially, you want to avoid black hat seo and black hat seo firms. Additionally, you also want be very sure the kinds of tactics your seo company utilizes generally avoid gray hat seo.

You may also want to check out my presentation on ethical seo or my other resources about ethical seo.


Landing Page Design and Optimization for Social Media Campaigns

White Hat SEO Tips: Conversion Optimization for Blogs and Websites

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about landing page optimization and conversion optimization. Increasingly issues of usability, user experience, and SEO are one in the same. Gray SEO firms which may be tempted to ignore these issues will ultimately get you know where. If you’re interested in website conversion, I think this conversion optimization powerpoint on slideshare is fantastic for demonstrating how to make a form that is optimized:

1) Simple design in the upper right hand area with minimal blanks (2 to 5).
2) Test, text, test. Multivariate testing
3) Test, test, test. Eye tracking testing.

Its always to make the design simple and easy to use and “Don’t Make Me Think”–a great book by Krug.

How do you do conversion optimization? What are your favorite conversion optimization tips and techniques? Or what are your favorite conversion optimization blog posts?

Real Estate Social Media Marketing, Community Building, and Search Engine Optimization

Hybrid strategy: Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization via Community

The panel argues for a hybrid strategy social media and SEO strategy that has a significant pay it forward ethos. Build an SEOed site. Then bring the community in and cultivate it.

This is my non-live blog of an Innman Connect 2008event in San Francisco about real estate social media, blogging, and online marketing. They do a great job of explaining how online and offline can be coupled in really amazing ways in almost a social entrepreneurial fashion that honors the notion of creative capitalism:

Growing Pains: Take Your Blog to the Next Level
Going the distance and maintaining your blog.

Moderated by: Jeff Turner, President, Real Estate Shows

Jim Cronin, Owner/Author, Real Estate Tomato
Dustin Luther, Founder, Consulting
Nicole Nicolay, Co-Founder, Effektive Solutions, MyTechOpinion
Daniel Rothamel, Realtor, Strong Team REALTORS; Blogger, Real Estate Zebra

This is their collective work, with some questions from the audience near the end. I hope you enjoy it. I actually talked about the need to push the online/offline envelope in my post about 2009 Social Media Trends about a month ago–whether this is Meetups, unConferences, the PTA meeting, or a conversational interview:

How do you taking your blog to the next level?

    • Define what the next level is.
    • Is your goal to just be social?? Being a community can create leads, in the same way that engaging in the PTA, because you get referrals and get business.
    • Can make better calls to action.
    • Can look at metrics
    • Or can engage community
    • More authority. More relationships.
    • Comes down to conversation on blog (?)

You Engaging Others: Social Media Optimization for SEO Linkbuilding

    • A lot of real estate blog is real estate v. real estate conversation, which isn’t sexy.
    • YEO–You engaging others, not SEO
    • Chosing a section of the community
    • Offline engagement–I’m choosing schools specifically
    • For instance, education is a conversation that’s happening and it will always be.

Social Media Community Building Tactics

    Life does not happen inside your computer. We don’t operate online businesses. Find ways to use what you do online to engage people in the real world.
    • Flickr. Link to locals. Landmarks in your town. Send them an email or a phone call. We shouldn’t just use the computer back and forth.

Social Media Community Engagement Case Study

    • Banker, roofer, inspector, landscaper, home seller knew who to connect with, and home buyer. Include their voice, their authority. They have to have a voice. Interview or quote. Just engage. Will help break the cycle of realtor v. realtor discussion.
    • Interviewed head of investment club. He forwarded it to everyone in his rolodex. We started a radio show, but its actually a podcast (Rain City Radio) We interview 4 bloggers—and we get links. Its all local, and specific and referral based. That’s a formula for the next level.
    • How clients can meet each other. Feature what your clients are doing. Everybody loves to talk about themselves. Allow them to do that through you. (there is a viral and social benefit to that, honoring someone who hasn’t been honored)
    • Uncovering the real need in the community (ie schools) You are the communication hub of that community.
    • Statistics and demographics is cold. If you’ve talked to the principal, then you’ve got something that’s really tangible.
    • Great has school scores for $250.

Researching for finding Local Community Social Media Influencers

    • How do you research . Outside. In to reach your local community. Technorati, Flickr, YouTube, and Google searches in your niche. • You can use their content. Thank them and engage their community. That’s the lowest hanging fruit.
    • Go into community and engage. Its not about taking.
    Great social change case study. East bay. Realtors getting real about schools. And raised $100,000 for schools.
    • The next step is personally, physically.
    Let them spread your message.
    YEO can drive SEO.
    It’s a holistic strategy

Audience Questions and Closing about this Real Estate Search Engine Optimization Tactic

    • Audience question: Video to enhance? Integrate into your blog, unless you want to brand it as a TV type outlet
    • Utterz
    • Walk your neighbor hood. Stay at home moms.
    • More content. More exposure. More sales.
    • How to convert.
    • Its about having the opportunity.
    • Search analytic. Often it’s a search traffic with a ???
    • Option two: Ask buyers if they found you, what worked and what didn’t
    • Ben Martin Listen four times more often than you like.” More likely to trust.
    • Tell them exactly whats in it for you. Its give and take.
    • You’ll weed out the bad ones.
    • E-book. Awesome resource.
    • Don’t be afraid to help to put home search.
    • Polls can be fun and engaging—may be apt to leave a comment.
    Doesn’t replace…it just enhances
    • Real estate is a content [also relationship]
    What makes you unique. Bring it home by providing great resources. Sharing your uniqueness in a way that no one else is.

My Summary of this Social Media/Search Engine Optimization Hybrid Strategy:

    • Focus on your passion and uniqueness.
    • Lift up your community: honor, engage, and cover your crowd and future customer base.
    • Give people a voice, include a crowd (perhaps your vendors)
    • Call your podcast a radio show
    • Education and PTA is a great case study.

To me, this sounds like a great idea, it leverages connecting via keyboard and technology to connecting in real life for social good and for pragmatic financial gain. And uses that for small business and real estate SEO.

I think the idea of having a blog network around this idea which mirrors active rain would be pretty sweet.

You can check out the video for the Innman Connect 2008 social media and SEO session by clicking on the link.

Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Bloggers
This is a quick powerpoint presentation that Evo Terra gave at the National Association of Realtors in 2008 on social media.

Check out Chris Brogan on social media real estate starting moves

55 SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers on Creative Fusion

My Christian SEO profile and white hat seo tips on Active Rain.

Nice breakdown of to use AIDA method for social media on your Real Estate website.

What a Wordpres real estate blogging network can look like, although the content seems largely about social media, as opposed to real estate

social-media-agency-consultant2 (image credit: Jess3)

55+ Expert SEO Optimization Tips for WordPress : A Super Simple Bloggers Tutorial For You

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for WordPress Blogs and Bloggers

I’ve been blogging for almost two years and didn’t know much about search engine optimization techniques when I got started, so I’ve got battle tested wisdom that I’ve used to climb the Google rankings for a number of terms. So I understand the stresses and frustrations of bloggers on WordPress with respect to SEO.

To that end I’ve created this search engine optimization tutorial to help out bloggers of all shapes and sizes to make their jobs easier. If it helps you please help me out with a link from your blog. I would really appreciate it. Doing SEO without guidance can very much be like a trail by fire as you try to find the magic answers to what Google and users want from the content your website.

I was reading Yoast today, who is a WordPress designer, and he pointed out some great tips for WordPress SEO that I though SEO enthusiasts like yourself might be interested in. Yoasts tips on the SEO for WordPress issue are incredibly helpful.
Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques for WordPress Blogs and Bloggers

1) Keywords, Market Research, and SEO for WordPress. Take a tip from keyword data. However its just tells you about 50-65% of what you need to know. Keyword data tells you exactly what customers are searching for.

    • This will allow you to target long tail key words as well as fat belly ones.
    • Google can’t however tell you extremely long tail or time sensitive searches, because about 1/3 of google searches are entirely original. Keep this in mind when developing content and keywords for seo.
    Google’s keyword tool is sufficient for most
    • Google has a new feature will also allow you to plug-in your website and it will suggest keywords for you, called the Search based key word tool
    • Create a Microsoft doc or spread sheet for the top 5 to 25 terms you are targeting
    • One other way to use keyword data is to look at what keywords people are searching for a year ago that are seasonal.
    • Aim for BOTH the fat belly and the long tail of search.
    • Consider getting a URL with your keywords in it or naming your blog with your keywords.
    • Helpful hint: If your blog name is a mouthful, people will likely just link to your name.
    • Divide your keywords into three groups: green, yellow, and red or whatever groups you happen to like. This can help you prioritize your most important words throughout your seo campaign.
    • Added hint: Switch the permalink structure in WordPress so your URLs have more of your keywords and Google can understand what your posts are about.

2) Target Keyword Subjects and Theme for SEO

    • Arrange your wordpress blog in a silo or themed format, with the main subjects covered representing each silo.
    • Focus your keyword targeting on a limited number of terms for more targeted seo.
    • Focusing on siloed or themed content makes it easy for Google to index and focuses your content more on the words you really want to be ranking for. I don’t practice hyper-strict siloing, but its helpful for understanding how Google views your site via its spiders.

3) Usability and User Experience and SEO for your WordPress Blog.

    • Write for humans, not search engines. Cory Doctow’s advice to write like a newswire can be very helpful in some fields, but does take humans somewhat out of the equation.
    • Consider writing interesting and very clickable headlines for humans. Web copywriting tips.
    • Use related key terms for better latent semantic indexing and SEO.
    • Add e-mail subscription options to your blog to increase return visits, community, and conversation. Feedblitz is a great service from blog email subscription.
    • Create high color contrast between your subscription button area and the rest of your blog.
    • Include a call to action on your subsciption. Tim Ferris does this well, as does Chris Brogan.
    • The high degree of usability of the Future Now e-mail subcription list and the resources section for list bait is quite compelling. (list bait is simply using a resource or link bait to get people to join your email list. For instance these website conversion resources list bait is fantastic from Future Now)
    • Learn about blog branding 101
    • Highlight your best posts. One great plug-in by Alex King is Popularity Contest.
    • One other way to highlight your best posts is creating an articles widget. Alex King the ever helpful plug in developer has an articles widget as well.
    Landing page related posts called landing sites. This may or may not be redundant with other related posts widgets. At the very least it increases your options in a strategic way. The aim is to decrease bounce rate and increase retention.

• Look into adding visuals with free stock photos.

4) Tips and Techniques for Linking for SEO

    • Just a hint: there are two types of linking onsite and offsite. Building both types of links are important for increasing search engine optimization.
    • Link to the correct anchor text. In other words link to what the content is about not the words “link here” If you read the original document which gave rise to Google at Stanford University, anchor text is absolutely critical to the Google algorithm. This is one of the most important factors in SEO.
    • Focus on deep linking to individual posts, instead of just the front page. Deep linking just means linking to the exact post or content that a particular link talks about. This helps deliver your users to your best pages and it helps direct your Google juice to where you want it to go.
    • Link out to trusted and authority sites for seo. (This just means sites Google trusts and show up high in the search results)
    • Link to similar posts on your site. Link more to the most important articles. This provides focus and accessibility for your users and for Google.
    matt-mullenwag-wordpress1 (image credit: niall kennedy)

5) White Hat Linkbuilding for WordPress SEO:

    • Create user centric content. This is one way to practice User centered design
    • Make great original content. Sugar Rae helps you understand unique content.
    • Listen intently to your audience
    • Focus your blog content on your passion, experience, and your best knowledge base. This will allow you to put out consistent content and consistently quality content.
    • Ask your audience questions
    • Create pillar and authority content for search engine optimization.
    • Network with other people in your field
    • Consider getting links from non-profits and educational institutions by speaking for free or collaborating.
    • Give away free service reviews to increase search rankings and build relationships.
    • Talk with your vendors. Perhaps interview your vendors.
    • Consider using widgets to build links with your customers or fans.
    • Think about other places you could create links from where you can add value.
    • Consider guest posts or interviews
    • Pay attention to visual presentation and design for increased trust and credibility.
    • I need to work on this myself. Try conversation, not presentation. (Thanks Liz Strauss)
    • Make your users laugh
    • Inspire your users and connect with them.

6) Tracking Your SEO User Data and Results:

    Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools at Google Webmaster should be sufficient for most people as they get started.
    • Pay attention to the keywords that people are using to find you and what posts get the most traffic.
    • Also pay attention to where people are leaving your site.
    • After you have 6-12 months under your belt, check out user heat mapping and eye tracking software like Crazy Egg. This can help you deliver a better web experience for your visitors.
    • Pay keen attention to stats, but don’t become a statsoholic. Even the stats guru, Avinash Kaushik admits that stats don’t tell you everything. (Here is Web Analytics on an Hour A Day and here is Avinash at Google)

8} SEO for WordPress Plug-Ins

    Stephan Spencer has a title tag plug in for WordPress that looks helpful.
    Gabriel Goldenberg of SEO ROI has a related posts plug in for WordPress, but it probably overlaps with Yoast’s Bread crumbs. I would test both out and see which one you or your users likes the best. He recently release version 2.0
    • Yoast has a great list of wordpress plug-ins. I wouldn’t use them all, but its a great starting point for deciding which plug-ins to choose.
    • Yoast also has several helpful several WordPress plug-ins he created himself, but I would probably opt for antisocialable over his socialable plug in, because it avoids passing link juice to the social media sites.
    • As discussed before, consider a top posts and/or articles plug-in to help your users navigate your site.

9) White Hat SEO: Awesome Social Media and User Features:

    • Add a feature like User Voice or Skribit to get more 2 way conversation, community, and crowd sourcing.
    • Add intense debate for better commenting structure.
    • Consider running a poll
    • Consider a Ning or forum for your blog community.
    • Very helpful Internet marketing checklist from Search Engine Guide.
    •_____________(insert your awesome SEO Tip here)_____________
    • Experiment with content, visitors, design, promotion, SEO and real world connections.
    Design can help your SEO

10) Black Hat SEO : What to Avoid on Your WordPress Blog

• Avoid unethical gray and black hat search engine optimization tactics.
• Check out Yahoo’s quality content guidelines that lays out how it determines user relevance and rank. The principles apply to Google and most other search engines as well.

Other SEO for Blogger Resources:

If you want more information about White Hat SEO and Ethical Search Engine optimization check out my earlier post on the issue, which is also targeted to help increase the search positioning of passionate bloggers like yourself. For a more extensive post, check out my ethical search engine optimization presentation for white hat seo tips and techniques. Hopefully I’ve provided some beginning SEO, intermediate SEO, and advanted SEO tactics you can implement to increase your search rankings.

As a bonus I’ve included Bruce Clay’s Toolset, which should help your SEO adventures. Please link to this post liberally if you have enjoyed it and its help you become a better WordPress blogger and taught you a little bit about search engine optimization principles.!! (and remember please use great anchor text)

Please return, as I plan on adding to these tips. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments… Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave those in the comments as well.

A Simple Guide to Ethical Search Engine Optimization | Ethical SEO for WordPress Bloggers

Ethical SEO Tutorial: Tips and Techniques for the Practical Small Business Owner

I’ve created this short tutorial to help business owners with SEO tips and techniques to increase their search engine rankings and targeted web traffic. At the end of the day creating amazing content that is:

• user centric
• has great design
• original
• targeted toward keywords
• and search engine friendly

is always a great formula for search engine ranking success.

Getting started in online business without a solid plan is just as dubious as. It takes time work experience of having a couple SEO flops to understand how users read, how bloggers link, what customers look for, and how search engines search to understand the unique anthropological dynamics of online communication and business. The ongoing environment of coopetition is pretty important to keep in mind.

Coding and Writing Web Content with Search Engine Positioning in Mind

Write for humans not search engines. Use semantically related phrases instead.

• Use bold and italics to emphasize key points, subjects, and keywords. This practice done judiciously will help your users and increase your search rankings.

• Use H1, H2, and H3 tags to increase your website’s ranking in Google.

Listen to User Data and Metrics for Better Search Rankings and Marketing:

• Do keyword research with the Google keyword tool.

• Look for both long tail keywords and search phrases and fat belly keywords for optimum results. Many bloggers often only target one or the other and not both.

• Learn what latent semantic indexing is and use Quintura.

Extraordinary Content Rules for Social Media and SEO:
• Extraordinary content is a genuinely new or original way of looking at things (new metaphor, new perspective, new view)

• Includes more than one perspective. More comprehensive is generally better.

• Human. Interesting. Engaging. Fun to read. Well-written.

Designing and Organizing Your User Experience for Search Engine Optimization:

• Create content themes and series. Creating content themes helps the Google spiders see clusters of information and data.

• Create a breadcrumb trail for your users. Don’t make your users think. Guide them through your website. One way to implement this practice on your website is by using a related posts plug in or manually suggesting related posts or content for your user.

• Don’t just use “click here.” Use your link anchor text to tell Google what links you are pointing to. Be specific and try to include your relevant key terms.

• Link to the best and most trusted sources. Also, link to your best related content. This practice both helps users and Google.

• Get a best posts plug-in for WordPress and/or add your best posts as a link on your sidebar

• Make blog navigation easy to understand and use. Additionally, these WordPress plug-ins may help with blog navigation.

• You’re trying to create a community or a tribe. Creating an email list can help you do this, also creating forums or an active Ning community can help do the same.

Expert Content Creation for Search Engine Rankings:

• Create extraordinary content. Create unique content.

• Create pillar content. Creating pillar content just means creating resources or content that people will link to. Create authority content.

• Create emotional, community, and question oriented content.

• Create link bait and list bait

• Don’t be afraid to link out. Remember, linking out to websites Google trusts is a great way to increase your search engine optimization (seo) in a very white hat way.

SEO Tactics and Techniques to Avoid:
• Avoid SPAM like tactics as much as possible, such as comment spamming and dubious link farms.

• Avoid Black Hat SEO tactics which illegitimately manipulate users and search engines like Google

• Err toward simple design when possible. User centered design is best.

• Reciprocal linking is less valued by Google that it once was. However, reciprocal linking in your marketing niche with trusted websites should help create a quality neighborhood, which will increase your ranking.

• Remember: be a good online citizen, because Google penalizes illegitimate gray and black hat seo techniques.

Moving Forward with Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign Strategy
• Consider creating regular link bait in combination with a promotion strategy for the link bait (e-mail, PR)

• Consider link building via giving interviews or getting interviewed.

• Consider the full range of social media and SEO services.

• Consider outsourcing your search engine optimization needs to an SEO freelancer.

• Decide what tools and call to action you want to use to contact the target audience for your content.

• Create a productive work flow for content creation to save time, money, and resources.

Did you like these white hat seo tips and techniques? What questions do you have about ethical search engine optimization and marketing?

Creative Fusion Media provides white hat seo consulting services and ethical search engine optimization training solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits.

Guide to Setting Goals for Hiring SEO Freelancing Services

Finding an Affordable and Ethical Search Engine Optimization Company for You

When you hire professional freelancing services of any kind there is a level of communication that you need to establish so that you are on the same page.

Clarifying Your Goals for SEO Freelancing:
• Why do you want to increase traffic via SEO?

• Who is your target audience for your website?

• Who is the target market for your search engine optimization campaign?

• What is the online traffic volume for your products and services?

• How much search engine traffic are you getting now?

Clarifying Your Expectations for SEO Freelancing:
• How much do you want to increase your traffic?

• How much do you want to increase your page views?

• How much do you want to increase conversions?

Clarifying the Tactics for SEO Freelancing?
• What level of marketing ethics are you comfortable with?

• Do you want to avoid risk to your brand?

• Do you want to avoid linking to bad neighborhoods and industries that Google could penalize you for?

What Freelancing Service Set are You Looking for? Are you looking for a White Hat SEO freelancer?
• Are you looking for link building to increase search positioning?

• Are you looking for social media marketing to increase search rank, perhaps?

• Are you in search of SEO training, tutorial, or consulting?

• What specific professional service are you looking to outsource?

What are your favorite resources for a hiring freelancing professional? Are you a freelancer? What websites or tools help you in your freelancing practice?

Creative Fusion Media is Your Ethical SEO, Local SEO, and Affordable SEO in Nashville, TN We are an ethical internet marketing firm who melds the worlds of SEO and social media for real world business results.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques | Ethical SEO

I recently created an ethical search engine optimization guide. Its purpose is to help teach people white hat search engine optimization. Here is a short list of some of the SEO tips and techniques I discussed, however the presentation goes much more in depth.

Ethical SEO Technique One:
Create great content. Content is king. This is the core of ethical search engine optimization

Ethical SEO Technique Two:
Pepper your title with keywords

Ethical SEO Technique Three:
Create relevant video content around your brand. Video, like You Tube shows up high in Universal Search results.

Ethical SEO Technique Four:
Find a keyword tool that you like such as the Google Keyword tool suggest. Some prefer Wordtracker and Keyword discovery, but Googles tool is more than sufficient for traffic data.

Ethical SEO Technique Five:
Checking backlinks is critical to SEO. Link diagnosis allows you to check your backlinks with relative ease. It is easier to get daily reports for all your keywords, which is why Solo SEO and SEO Moz may be best for your SEO needs.

Ethical SEO Technique Six:
You may appreciate the SEOMoz toolset or the Solo SEO toolset. Both help make your white hat and ethical seo productivity.

Ethical SEO Technique Seven:
Use related terms to target Google’s Latent semantic indexing. You can discover those terms with the SEO keyword tool Quintura.

Ethical SEO Technique Eight:
Look into SEO training whether that is free seo training or seminar based seo training

Search engine optimization at Amazon

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