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Link Bait from Digg = Digg bait

Got cool robots videos? We do!

Battling Robots, Transformers, and Star Wars…..Oh my!

Mac vs. PC Transformers Edition. Wow! One of my favorite videos from Digg this year. It hit the frontpage yesterday.

R2-D2 Dance Boogie Army from Viddler.

World Robot War Digital Animation on Vimeo

Bonus: Guess Who vs. Grandmaster Flash on Vimeo (ok….its not robots….but it does a geek good)

Whats your favorite sweet robot video?

Internet Overdose Song | Rhett and Link

Can you identify?

(Thanks to Christian web designer Gabe Taviano at God’s Mac)

Check out this video!!! Authenticity and Personality Matter in Life, Social Media, and Business

I thought this was an creative and insightful video… (ps it’s just under a minute)

Creative Fusion Media is a ethical search engine optimization company and social media agencythat provides white hat internet marketing services from Nashville, TN.

Mac Book Air Parody: Social Media in Action

Thought you all would find this funny.  Enjoy and tell me what you think of it or other parodies in the comments…What’s the best (aka funniest) Macbook Air parody? Feel free to add this on Stumbleupon or to share it with friends or save it for later.