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Seven Best Places to Eat in Nashville, TN (including Brentwood, TN and Franklin, TN)

Where to Eat in Nashville: A Guide to Finding Great Food for Lunch, Brunch, and Dinner in Nashville TN

I’m a fan of great food. And the Music City has plenty to offer in the way of fantastic food. Whether its West End, Green Hills, Hillsboro Road, Downtown, or out in Brentwood or Cool Springs, we have great food. Without further ado here are 7 answers to the culinary question: where to eat in nashville tn

Top Places to Nosh and Find Culinary Delight in the Greater Metropolitan Nashville Area
7) Bread and Company, located in Green Hills, is great for sandwiches and other tasty delights. I’m a fan of their Californian.

6) Noshville is a great place to meet up with friends for breakfast or brunch, and is located conveniently near Vanderbilt University. For a light breakfast, try the fruit blinces. Its an interesting place to run into celebrities like Ben Folds

5) Boscos. Now it has a location in Franklin just off Cool Springs Blvd. and Nashville, in the always fun Hillsboro Village.

4) Unique Flavors, off Trousdale in the Crieve Hall area is quite good and has a nice selection of tasty sandwiches of character. Unique Flavors is also perfect for your catering needs. The same could be said of the Cuban sandwiches at Back to Cuba, also in the Crieve Hall area of Nashville. Both of these places a real hidden gems.

3) J. Alexanders on West End is fantastic. Great food. Great ambiance. Great locations.

2) For lunchtime in the Nashville, TN area I really like the quiche at Puffy Muffin in Brentwood, TN with a homemade feel. Alternatively, if I’m looking for a quick bite to eat at lunch time and I’m near Vanderbilt, the roast beef sandwiches at Provence are are delightfully tasty.

1) Green Hills Grille. Its not what it used to be in its old location, but a great choice none-the-less. Fruit tea. Spinach and artichoke dip. Nuff said.

For more of my reviews of Nashville as well as some from Washington DC, check out my restaurant reviews at Yelp.

What’s your take on restaurants around Nashville, TN? What are your favorite places to dine in the Nashville area?

UPDATE: The Asian restaurant PM, located in Nashville just across from Belmont University, certainly makes the top 10 on this list with their Asian influenced food faire. If you are in the 20 to 30 something age group and like sushi, PM is fantastic. (although you may have to wait a bit for all that Asian goodness)

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