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Environmental and Green SEO

Search Engine Optimization for Green Technology and Environmental Nonprofits

I remember when I first learned about climate change (or as it was known then global warming) in the 2nd grade in 1982 (now thats real old school). With few exceptions it dropped off the school curriculum until high school. Luckily my senior year of high school and then later in college I got to debate environmental issues, and learned the ins and outs of PVCs, feedback loops, climate models, bio-diversity, the Kyoto protocol, and famous environmental authors like Lester Brown and Paul Erhlich (and yes Idso too).

Talking about these issues of ecosystem health in the abstract is easy. How do you get the general public to care about these issues? And how do you get the search engines like Google to pay attention to you?

Well, one way to start is to tell you story both visually and with words. With the rise of Universal search, Google is able to capture more content and it considers multi-media to be relevant content in its search algorithm.

Second, you will want to create evergreen content. Many areas like celebrity and news focus on up to the minute content, however this isn’t going to generate relevant or targeted traffic over the longer term. For instance, if you have scientific papers that back up your advocacy this may not be interesting to the usual visitor, it will be relevant to many and very relevant to the search engines. For usability, organize all your best content so that its easy to find it in one location. Of course creating a press release that you promote on PR Web or PR Newswire and the green blog-o-sphere can be helpful for your search rankings.

Third, make friends with other green content creators. It helps if you are friends over the phone or face to face and maintain some degree of regular contact. If you create a friendly.

Fourth, you can create a contest around your issue. The use of user generated content to creat buzz and augment search engine rankings is increasingly gathering ground.

More to come…What’s your an seo tip for green organizations?

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