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How to change your SEO Strategy in 2011

Overall trends for SEO and link building in 2011 and beyond are tilting even more in the social media direction. A recent search engine journal article points out a strategic shift in link building priorities is in order:

So I suggest you to scale down these link building methods in favor of others:

* Forum posting and blog commenting. It has plenty of benefits, but don’t do that in hopes of increasing your PageRank.
* Social bookmarking. Same as above, share what you think is valuable. You can get some click-through traffic, but don’t expect any PageRank.
* Article submission. Don’t go for the numbers, submit to top directories to get traffic, syndication and recognition.
* Bulk directory submission. It’s probably not worth your time and money any more.
* Bulk link exchange. This is explicitly discouraged by Google now, and can get you banned from their search results.

I don’t mean you should stop doing all of the above. Remember about link diversity, both for SEO and traffic building reasons. Get some extra links if that’s easy, but focus on high quality links in your strategy. I believe any extra one-way links can’t hurt you, otherwise it would be too easy for competitors to bomb each other with bad links.

Now, some quality link building methods to scale up:

* Guest blogging. It’s the most reliable way to get a quality context link on a reputable, relevant blog.
* Link baiting. While it is hard to create a successful link bait, one success can pay for several failures.
* Press releases. With some effort and some luck, you can get a quality link from big media.
* Joint ventures. Get to know people and discuss how you can do business together. Be creative.
* Building communities. Create a resource that attracts a targeted community, and they will link to you.

As you may notice, the methods that bring the highest quality links are also the ones which are widely used by the bloggers, and which can benefit a lot from their already high social activity. So as a blogger, you should probably welcome the change, and hope that the Internet will become a better place for everyone, with less spam and clutter.

And listen to the advice from Google. Pay less attention to PageRank and more attention to your content, traffic and conversion rates.

While this is far from conclusive, its worth doing A/B testing using this as a hypothesis for future search engine optimization and link building efforts in 2011.

Experimenting with a New Internet Marketing, SEO, and Link building Business Model

Instead of just offering my SEO skills on an hourly rate, I’m going to offer SEO content services on a per word basis. So here is my current rundown of prices. There are discounts for people who order more than $300 worth of services.

.08 x 1000 = $80
.08 X 2000 = $160
.08 X 3000 = $240

What is the value added? What are the deliverables?

• Increased traffic, directly related to amount invested. Hence a high ROI.
• Increase search results, again directly related to the affordable pricing strategy
• Online content to help answer customer questions and create relationships
• Search engine optimization.

This is a more affordable business model than all other traditional SEO models and I believe will yield better results. We love being industry innovators at Creative Fusion. If you would like to work with this model, please give us a call at (615) 974-9662 or if you would prefer a different model I would be glad to discuss a different set up.

And remember, we have an ethical business model that doesn’t do spam submission and gray hat SEO tactics which Google and other search engines both dislike and penalize. Probably 40-50% of the industry uses gray hat tactics as a frontline tactics and some even dress them up and call them “white hat”, but that is so overexpansive as to make white hat seo meaningless.

The Long Tail Myth: Why the Long tail is Dead

Ding Dong the Long Tail is Dead: The Myth of the Long Tail is Dead:
(image credit: fellow tennessean Jason Coleman)
The long tail of search may be dying.

So is Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” thesis valid based on research? Chris Anderson has been forced to concede the Long tail is a myth, like unicorns of old:

“The end came quickly,” as authors of morbid weepies like to say. On Monday WiReD magazine editor Chris Anderson effectively admitted game over for his “Long Tail”, the idea he’s been dragging so lucratively around the conference circuit for the past four years. In as many words, he downgraded it from “the future of business” to something that’s, er, not very helpful for your business at all.

“I’ll end by conceding a point: It’s hard to make money in the Tail,” Anderson wrote. “The revenues are disproportionately in the Head. Perhaps that will never change.”

Is the Critique and Criticism of the Long Tail Theory Legit?

Read Chris Anderson’s Long Tail blog for more insight to the Long Tail thesis and the criticism.

What does death of the long tail mean for social media and seo strategy?

It just means that business models should aim at the fat belly of the Longtail, instead of the tail. Its still possible and even advantageous to compete at the level of the fat belly of the Longtail (in other words not at the head, but more in the middle).

Any other valid criticism of the long tail theory? How do you think this effects the future of emerging media?

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Ethical Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques | Ethical SEO

I recently created an ethical search engine optimization guide. Its purpose is to help teach people white hat search engine optimization. Here is a short list of some of the SEO tips and techniques I discussed, however the presentation goes much more in depth.

Ethical SEO Technique One:
Create great content. Content is king. This is the core of ethical search engine optimization

Ethical SEO Technique Two:
Pepper your title with keywords

Ethical SEO Technique Three:
Create relevant video content around your brand. Video, like You Tube shows up high in Universal Search results.

Ethical SEO Technique Four:
Find a keyword tool that you like such as the Google Keyword tool suggest. Some prefer Wordtracker and Keyword discovery, but Googles tool is more than sufficient for traffic data.

Ethical SEO Technique Five:
Checking backlinks is critical to SEO. Link diagnosis allows you to check your backlinks with relative ease. It is easier to get daily reports for all your keywords, which is why Solo SEO and SEO Moz may be best for your SEO needs.

Ethical SEO Technique Six:
You may appreciate the SEOMoz toolset or the Solo SEO toolset. Both help make your white hat and ethical seo productivity.

Ethical SEO Technique Seven:
Use related terms to target Google’s Latent semantic indexing. You can discover those terms with the SEO keyword tool Quintura.

Ethical SEO Technique Eight:
Look into SEO training whether that is free seo training or seminar based seo training

Search engine optimization at Amazon

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White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Public Relations Release

Guide for Finding and Hiring a Social Media Agency

Social Media Consulting and Search Engine Optimization Company Buying Guidesocial-media-agency-consultant

Social media is a great way to connect with customers, but you’ve got to make sure that the firm you pick can perform successfully.

What are you buying when you hire a social media marketing company?

• Knowledge base
• Perspective
• Creative
• Experience
• Connections

So, what do you want to look for when picking a social marketing agency?

• Successful projects
• Ethical basis
• Strategic and creative edge
• Firm knowledge of search engine optimization
• Affordable and high return on investment
• Analytics and Landing page optimization
• Integrated offerings

What do you think you should look for when hiring a social media expert?

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Website Siloing Tips for Search Engine Optimization | Bruce Clay Interview

Themeing Your Website for SEO Advantage:

Great interview of Bruce Clay from Web Marketing Today on website siloing:

How does Silo Themeing help Search Engine Optimization?
Siloing allows you to better understand how your link graph or link juice is being distributed so you can sculpt your onsite SEO with ease. It also theoretically allows search engines to spider your site easier. Ultimately, it will improve your user experience, as your subjects are narrowed focused and honed. Wilson Web summarizes the concept well:

(1) Establish keyword-centric themes for your site, (2) identify a landing page for each theme, (3) link to the themed landing pages, and (4) don’t pass PageRank to pages outside the theme and thus dilute ‘link juice.’ Use ‘nofollow’ tags to restrict passing PageRank.

How to Silo Theme Your Website for SEO
If you want to understand siloing for SEO better, please check out Siloing Revisted or this extensive three part series on Website Subject Themeing. For more Bruce Clay posts on siloing and website themeing for seo.

Siloing for SEO Example: Cooking and Culinary Website

A fantastic example would be a cooking website:

Let’s say you have a website about baking. You have a section on baking cookies, a section on baking bread, and a section on cooking supplies. Inside of the cooking section you have 10 basic articles about baking cookies and 50 cookie recipes. In the bread section you have a dozen articles about baking bread and 25 different bread recipes. You also have 25 different baking items you sell. For each section you have a mini sitemap that links to all of the pages underneath it. So the mini sitemap for cookies will link to all 10 of the basic cookie articles and all 50 of the cookie articles.

So, it would resemble an outline look similar to the the NCAA tournament.

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Create Extraordinary Content for Extra-ordinary Link building

Content Development Strategy for Link building and SEO:

Eric Enge had some great suggestions at Pub Con 2008, which Lisa Barone summarized. Enge provides some strategic focus to content development strategy:

Authoritative content can win.

He shows a post from a blog design site about 45 Excellent Blog Designs with 1,100 Diggs. If you do a search for [blog designs] they’re number one. Stuff like this is successful because it fits the theme of the Web site, the content is credible, it had 1160 links a year later, and the term [blog designs] gets 645 searches a day. And it’s relevant to their site.

Maximize Your Success

• Write content that is of interest to the audience
• Be Authoritative
• Reflect Well on your Business
• Target big search terms: Put it in article title and Digg submission title.

Eric talks about a site that used Facebook to attract users. They created great social media applications on Facebook that were targeted at sports fans. You could run an entire fantasy baseball league in Facebook.

Why is this link building? They got a link from, a link from ESPN, TechCrunch, Google, and BattelleMedia. Success!


• Build content and tools that increase your reputation. Be authoritative. Create the right image for your company.
• Match the demographic to the business needs of your site and the social media network
• Think big

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Guidelines for outsourcing article writing

Proven Rules for Outsourcing Content Creation:

Finding great content creators can be challenging, especially given that the needed skill set isn’t clear. With those concerns in mind, here are some principles that can guide you along the way toward better outsourcing. Whether you need content for your blog launch, corporate website, or latest white paper, these guidelines for finding expert content creation services hold true:

Think long term value. When you outsource content its easy to think quick turn around on value, but you need to think about the long term value of content online.

Think wholistically. The money you may save by hiring an overseas content creator may cost you in terms of time spent editing for grammar and clarity.

Get a writing sample. Get a writing sample. They should be able to send you a link or two to some content they have written or created.

Start Small. Starting small allows you to experiment with a host of content creators to pick the best one.

Make Sure the Content Is Original. Unoriginal content not interesting to users. Copyscape can help you make sure your article writers and outsourcers create unique articles.

Experiment. Outsourcing article wriging gives you the ability to try out several content providers and then choose a core group of content creators to write your content.

Establish clear expectations. I have a document I use for creating specific expectations I have for article and content writing. Having a standard, easy to read document helps keep both parties on the same page. This is one of the best ways to manage expectations with outsourcers and a great way to manage expectations with employees.

Specialist vs. Generalist. Realize like all humans, you content creators have special talents and general talents, and its important to play to those strengths.

Create relationships. Once you have determined the content creators you want to work with, build meaningful business relationships. Just like any employee, you want to build a relationship with your content creators and article writers.

Add Value to the Relationship. A quality content creator will want to learn how to better themselves. If you develop a relationship and add value, your content will inevitably of a higher quality.

Its also important to keep in mind these advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

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How to create a great search engine optimization campaign for your company

Here is a comprehensive breakdown via step by step process of a search engine optimization campaign development. Its not just metatags and directory submission, which only represent 5% or less of proper search engine optimization. This campaign has 21 core components to maximize the company’s search engine exposure.

Increasingly, the driving force behind your search engine optimization campaign will be content development. In order to create a “sticky” website and a website that converts, you need to develop amazing and useful content to be engaging to your users.

Keyword Research
• Traffic
• Ranking
• Competitive Market Research

Website and Traffic Analysis
• What Keywords Are Driving Traffic
• What Pages Are Possible Conversion Pages

Professional Training
• Web Content Development and Authority Blogging
• Search engine optimization, competitive research, and link building

Onsite Website SEO Architechture:
• Development of SEO Plan
• Execution of Onsite Architechture SEO Plan. Also called, sculpting link graph.

Content Development
• Drive community around your brand and website
• Onsite editing
• Blog development
• Link bait development. Create resources. Become the online resource.
• Edit Website Content for Grammer
• Edit Website Content for Usability
• Develop Landing Pages for Conversion

Link building and Development:
• Quality Directory Submission
• PR Release
• Blogger Relations and Interviews
• Article Marketing
• External Content Development

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits. Nathan Ketsdever is the chief internet marketing and online pr strategist at Creative Fusion, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Search Engine Optimization for Local Business

Search Engine Roundtable has a great article:

Tracking manual link building efforts – use a unique word while conducting manual link building and track progress through engines.

– Google local ranking tips – in order of importance
1. Registration with Google Local
2. Perceived closeness to center of city
3. Number of local reviews
4. “Local” link popularity
5. Local phone number
6. Participation in the online menu services – Zagat, menupix, menupages, allmenus
7. Quality of local reviews
8. city name inclusion in anchor text
9. Local non-Google directory listings. Gayot, Zagat, citysearch, lilaguide, superpages, Yelp
10. Keyword in the business name
11. Domain authority
12. Address inclusion on webpages

Sugar Rae’s SEO for small business guidelines are fantastic as well. You might also check out 24 places to list your small business.

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits. Nathan Ketsdever is the chief internet marketing and online pr strategist at Creative Fusion, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Is search engine optimization recession proof?

There has been a great deal of discussion to determine if SEO is recession proof. Will SEO firms survive the recession? Will SEO services deliver enough ROI to avoid budget cuts? I would argue that it is with a qualified yes, affordable search engine optimization that directly targets return on investment is nearly 100% recession proof.

Initially, bargain shoppers will look online over bricks and mortar establishments this holiday season and into 2008 to save money in this cash strapped economy. Seth Besmertnik points out in a recent I Media Connection:

Meanwhile, 65 percent of online shoppers said they felt shopping online saved them money and 55 percent of all U.S. consumers believed that people using online services for shopping were likely to be enjoying retail savings.

Second, search engine optimization with the right SEO company can be a low cost marketing expenditure and requires very minimum investment. Third, you have a significant advantage over your competitors in the search engines, which get millions of searches monthly for e-commerce traffic. Fourth, you can add on a pay per click campaign to make your efforts even more air tight and recession proof.

So is SEO recession proof?

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