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Is Twitter burnout coming soon in 2010 or 2011?

Seven Big Trends which Point to Twitter Growth in 2010, 2011, and Beyond

I can’t fully answer this question, but it does seem to have a upward growth trend. For instance, it recently received 28,353,704 unique visitors in September 2010 which is up over 3 million from a year ago according to It currently ranks #29 out of all websites on the internet globally. I would suggest 7 trends which point to increased growth:

1) main stream media & celebrity (entertainment)
2) application development (to make it even more useful)
3) the increase in use via marketing & public relations
4) political & advocacy efforts for nonprofits & social movements
5) mobile platform
6) the increase in use via e-learning and collaboration via enterprise 2.0
7) for fun use (and it kinda feels like a game)

Technology, media, and communication are all growing. People like to communicate & like to connect.


Top Universities Using WordPress for Content Management

Here is a short list of some of the top colleges and universities using WordPress for their online content management system:

1) Stanford University
2) Wake Forest University
3) Harvard University
4) Vanderbilt University
5) MIT
6) Dartmouth Engineer
7) Outreach Magazine (Georgia)
8] Cornell University (Music)
9) Mary Washington College
10) Duke Center for International Studies

For more colleges using WordPress as a CMS click here.

Best Web Design firm in Franklin, Tn

The Nashville area is jam-packed with creatives in fields from art and photography to painting and music. Franklin, a near by and quaint suburb of Nashville is no exception. Franklin offers a handful of extraordinary creative firms which focus on marketing, branding, and web development. However, of late, the best creative web development firm from a pure design perspective is Mellowtown. Mellowtown focuses on writers (that may be singular) and some of the most recognizable Christian music stars. For instance they’ve done web work for Brandon Frazier, Mercy Me, and Rachel Lampa. They’ve also done work for Don Miller and the Affero Project.

If you are looking for amazing web design in Franklin, check Mellowtown’s web design and photography out.

Why do you have such affordable wordpress design?

Why do we offer affordable WordPress design?
So much wordpress design is overbloated and excessive. We believe in offering a high quality and affordable product to small business owners. We believe this is part of service and can help lower the costs and barriers that can be associated with expensive web development projects. Ultimately, we want you to succeed.

How do you offer affordable WordPress design?
We do several things at Creative Fusion which makes our firm’s prices so affordable and budget conscious:

• we didn’t attend $120,000 design schools so we’re not paying off tons of debt
• we don’t waste $3,000 to $6,000 a month on office space (you shouldn’t have to pay for real estate)
• we check out egos at the door. we don’t need to stroke our egos with $4,000 or $5,000 wordpress design prices
• we are passionately committed to offering quality services with high return on investment for our customers
• WordPress is an open source platform
• we offer flexible and creative pricing structures for WordPress design and development (hourly, modular project pricing, and hope to add to this mix)
• we offer highly transparent pricing for our services
• we’re strategic. we spend or money on high impact and high return strategies.
• we use low cost marketing methods. We don’t hire $10,000 to $20,000 per month PR firms to market our projects.

We hope to offer you a great service and in turn for you to refer us to your partners and friends. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, we can help you with your WordPress web design and development needs.

40+ Common WordPress Features, Plug-ins, and Widgets

There is no shortage of WordPress plug-ins to make your blog easier to deal with, more engaging, and more social. Still other plug-ins help increase your productivity so that you can focus on your content development and business. Hopefully this list of awesome WordPress widgets, plug-ins, and features can help you (hopefully the fact that I mixed in premium/paid plug-ins can help make the list more comprehensive for readers and users.)

List of the Most Common Plug ins and Widgets
1) Popularity Contest plug-in (Popular posts)
2) Related post plug-in
3) (RSS) Really Simple Syndication (email and arguably category subscription–although not necessarily on the sidebar)
4) Tag and/or category widget (some like the globe plug in)
5) Comment Luv Plug-in
6) Akismet to curb comment spam
7) All in One SEO/Platinum SEO Plug in (Scribe SEO is paid)
8] WordPress mobile edition
9) WordPress database backup
10) Google translator
11) WordPress stats or Google Analytics
12) Google sitemap
13) Security plug-ins
14) Theme test drive
15) My SEO Status (paid plug-in $19 from Cleverplugins)
16) E-commerce plug in (paid) & Pay pal plug ins (both available from Code Canyon for $22)
17) WP-membership (paid plug in $27 from Code Canyon)

Bonus Features which Brand a WordPress Blog
1) Pullback corner on mouse over
2) Flash slider (picture animation, such as J Gallery which is $27–as well as Sexy Slide, Lightbox evolution, & UBillboard, but others should be available for free–at the very least Flickr is)
3) Quality contact form or other customer relations management (CRM) tool (Gravity Forms or Wufoo–both are paid solutions)
4) as a scheduler (events Calendar pro is paid, but has a very slick interface and integrates with your Google Cal)
5) Facebook Group/Google connect (the former is better than the later)
6) Intense Debate (recent comments)
7) Top commenter plug-in
8] Share This
9) Poll daddy
10) Library thing (more important on personal consultant blogs, however can help with search optimization)
11) Feedback
12) Searchbox
13) Industry specific widgets and plug ins (for instance RSS from industry publications)
14) Flickr
15) Social bookmarks
16) Crowdsourcing & “Ask me” type plug-ins
17) Twitter updates (although, I’m not a huge fan)
18] Industry specific badges for social proof (for instance Associations and Certifications like the Better Business Bureau or local small business associations)
19) Google Voice (formerly Grand Central Station)
20) Video widget for an introduction
21) First time reader & welcome plug-ins
22) Post footer (for subscription or other offers)
23) Font replacement plug in (paid for $12 from Code Canyon) or you can purchase Font uploader (also $12 from Code Canyon)

You probably want to limit your blog to only 8 to 12 sidebar widgets–anything else may get too congested and ultimately erode the simplicity of your design. Ultimately, its about engaging, but not overwhelming your blog readers.

Please feel free to share this post with your friends who are WordPress designers and developers.

Trends in Social Media Marketing for Bands, Musicans, and Labels

These Are Real : Sonics Social Media Campaign

Its interesting that Sonic launched its social media campaign with a combination of YouTube and Facebook. They did, however, leave out search optimization when planning this campaign, so when someone goes to Google to search for “Thesearerealcarhops” in the search box–the Facebook page in no where on the first page search results (aka the first page of S.E.R.Ps). Given that Google is so fundamental to how people use the web–this is a major oversight by either their internal social media team or the social media and interactive marketing firm they hired.

Notes on Social Media for Missionaires

Here are my initial thoughts on social media for missionaries. I’ve written extensively on Church 2.0 at Compassion in Politics as well:

1) Aggregators (Alltop, Netvibes,etc)
2) Social bookmarking and Delicious (also tagging)
3) Widgets
4) Ning
5) Podcasting (iTunes and Transcription)
6) Wikis
7) Tangle (formerly Godtube)
8} WordPress
9) Flickr
10) Video (Vimeo, Blip TV, Vimeo, YouTube, and language specific)
11) Social News like Digg
12) Document collaboration like Google Docs

Best content management systems for mac

To me the search for the best content management system for the macintosh is a bit of a misnomer. If you want a good CMS it will likely work via the web (or whats known as cloud computing). Most cloud computing and software as a service applications I know work on both the PC and Macintosh platforms.

Using Open Source Content Management Systems
To answer the question, however, I would suggest that WordPress or Drupal is the best content management system if you are on a Macintosh. Both are free systems and only require minimal investment to get started. For instance, you should be able to create a content managagement system that works for you for under $500. For instance, with WordPress you can pick out a low cost theme like Revolution or Thesis and pay for someone who knows php to upload it to the server.

Using Wikis and Ning for Content Management
Another content management system that can work for users of Apple Mac products is a wiki (I recommend PB Works or Wetpaint–one caveat Wetpaint is not compatible with Safari, only Firefox). If you are publishing your content, but want on open publishing platform (in other words, one which is searchable by search engines like Google). You can also get private wikis, if you would prefer, however I haven’t researched those options. (I believe you can use Ning as a closed system publishing platform.

Content Storage and Collaboration with Google and Basecamp
Finally Google Docs and Google wav are decent as content management systems. However, it can be difficult (for me at least) to see all my documents in Google docs. Also, at a very low price point is Basecamp, which is one of the industry standards for project management and collaboration. Its great for collaboration on research and editing. In fact, Basecamp has a suite of online software products which provide idea management services.

You may also like this post where I compare WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla as content management systems for churches and nonprofit organizations.

Go Daddy Launches Search Engine Visibility + SEO Tool

The Whir reports:

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Giving its customers more of a chance to complete with the more than 200 million websites in existence, domain registrar web host Go Daddy ( has released “Search Engine Visibility,” a new search engine optimization tool that walks users through a step-by-step process to make their website search engine friendly, not only making a search engine more likely to index the entire site, but also to help the website rise in search engine rankings.

According to Go Daddy’s Wednesday announcement, Search Engine Visibility walks users through a process to optimize their site by defining keywords, analyzing content and tracking keyword performance. Search Engine Visibility also provides a “Top 10 SEO Checklist,” which helps identify commonly made mistakes and techniques on how make a website stronger.

Searchology May 2009: Google Search Options

The latest changes from Google are quite impressive:
Time line option
Wonder wheel for related topics

New SEO Offering

SEO Starter Package:

Professional Blog development (custom design options available)
One month of content

SEO Starter Booster Pack

Competitive Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Blog Ecosystem Analysis
Traffic Analysis

Monthly SEO Maintenance Package:

Weekly article syndication for a total of 4 per month.
20 articles per month, including magazine-style photo.
Link bait resource for link building
Blogger relations
Strategy updates