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Famous Businesses and Organizations Who Use WordPress

Here is a short list of Fortune 500 and other top organizations which use WordPress to power their website:

1) CNN
2) New York Times
3) Stanford University
4) Wall Street Journal
5) Fisher Price
6) Pepsi
7) Nokia
8] Intel
9) Nikon
10) UPS
11) Best Buy
12) Ford
13) Samsung
14) General Electirc
15) Sony Playstation

Here is a list of even more companies which use wordpress to power their website (or blog site). Here are a handful more companies using WordPress as a content management system.

25 Web enabed business services

How can businesses use the web productivity and for profit? Here are some core web enabled services to help business:

1) Calendar and scheduling (personal, collaborative, and p2p)
2) Collaborative communication, creation, & project management
3) Design & process mapping
4) Multi-media creation & mixing
5) Budgeting, accounting
6) Real time data (and process tracking)
7) Data aggregation & filtering/sorting (content aggregation)
8] Translation
9) Product feedback, market research, and customer service feedback
10) Recommendation engine
11) Community of practice
12) E-learning
13) Forms
14) Menu of options (plug & play object oriented creation)
15) Customer relationship management (Salesforce & Sugar CRM)
16) E-commerce (including payment transactions and transfers)
17) Marketplace (Ebay, Etsy)
18] Crowdsourced answers (Linked in Answers, Yahoo Answers)
19) Data visualization
20) Content filtering/data filtering (ranking/prioritization)
21) Social gaming
22) Simulation
23) Automated feedback provided to your human user
24) Integration (Syncing)
25) Automation/Submission/Distribution

Think about these across industries & devices (web/mobile). Of course you could research the top software as service platforms and find more. You could also check out various plug-ins.

Seattle Website Design and Development

Need a website designer in Seattle Washington?

If you need a web design and development guru please email me and I will connect you to this Seattle WA designer who put these amazing sites together. Dustin has done web design work for businesses and Christian organizations in Seattle WA and beyond. Here is Dustin in his own words:

Statement of Purpose:
My commitment has been and remains to be to web standards – semantic markup, image-replacement techniques, search-engine-optimization, accessibility, understanding cross-browser compatibility.

Seattle Website Design and Development Portfolio (front-end) (front-end , ExpressionEngine development) (design, front-end) (front-end) (front-end) (front-end) (design, front-end) (design, front-end) (front-end)

You can check out this Seattle website design freelancer here. Have a great day!