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How to create a real estate website

Social media and the internet is exploding these days. With the advent of web 2.0 technology and platforms, businesses, including real estate agents can easily get an affordable website.

There are several platforms available. Initially, flash is one option. However, flash doesn’t give you the ability to control the content and also is incredibly hard (or rather nearly impossible) to rank in the search engines. Its not surprising then, that most flash based websites are forced to rely on pay per click advertising, instead of natural search results for their rankings.

Other platforms include Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Django, and WordPress. Increasingly it seems the real estate community, like the larger small business and entrepreneurial community is picking wordpress to host their websites. Why are real estate agents making this shift?

1) Content management–the ability to quickly and easily publish to the web. The user experience of WordPress is nearly second to none.
2) Customer satisfaction–Wordpress makes an effort to please and even delight their customers. They take their customer base from the New York Times to CNN to the local real estate agent very seriously. In fact, a host of Fortune 500 companies are using wordpress to host their content.
3) Search engine optimization–Wordpress makes it much easier to rank in search engines for key terms in Google and other search engines. They’ve done alot of the heavy lifting (or rather heavy coding for you). Even Matt Cutts of Google has remarked about the ability of WordPress driven websites to rank in Google.

How to get started:

1) Pick a developer.
2) Contact your chosen developer to see how they work.
3) Pick a look or style for your website.
4) Get your webpage designed and delivered.

WordPress is one of the best platforms for anyone wanting to publish on the web–including you, the real estate agent. I hope this has been helpful as you make decisions about the furture of your business online. If I can be of any further service in your real estate design, development, strategy, or marketing–feel free to contact me.

Google Website Optimizer How To

Google and Wider Funnel explain conversion optimization via the Google Website Optimizer.

Basic Advertising Optimization Using the free Google Tools

Why small businesses should choose WordPress as a blogging platform

I just answered a Facebook Questions question about what blogging platform or tool small businesses should use. Here is the answer I provided

I personally use WordPress and recommend it:

1) Ease of use. (Not much more complicated than email or Facebook)

2) Flexibility (the back end interface allows you to adjust settings easily)

3) It has a great community of developers and creatives behind it.

4) Some Fortune 500 companies even use it (New York Times, CNN, Nikon, Nokia, Intell, Wall Street Journal, SONY Playstation, etc..)

5) The online support community is fantastic

6) If you host on your own domain–you can get a reasonably priced, but well designed theme which you can then customize.

7) In general the themes (templates) for wordpress are nicer than other platforms. For instance as a photographer or designer these premium themes at Smashing Webs are professional:

8) Local support through regional Wordcamp events.

Easy decision.

Is Twitter burnout coming soon in 2010 or 2011?

Seven Big Trends which Point to Twitter Growth in 2010, 2011, and Beyond

I can’t fully answer this question, but it does seem to have a upward growth trend. For instance, it recently received 28,353,704 unique visitors in September 2010 which is up over 3 million from a year ago according to It currently ranks #29 out of all websites on the internet globally. I would suggest 7 trends which point to increased growth:

1) main stream media & celebrity (entertainment)
2) application development (to make it even more useful)
3) the increase in use via marketing & public relations
4) political & advocacy efforts for nonprofits & social movements
5) mobile platform
6) the increase in use via e-learning and collaboration via enterprise 2.0
7) for fun use (and it kinda feels like a game)

Technology, media, and communication are all growing. People like to communicate & like to connect.

Famous Businesses and Organizations Who Use WordPress

Here is a short list of Fortune 500 and other top organizations which use WordPress to power their website:

1) CNN
2) New York Times
3) Stanford University
4) Wall Street Journal
5) Fisher Price
6) Pepsi
7) Nokia
8] Intel
9) Nikon
10) UPS
11) Best Buy
12) Ford
13) Samsung
14) General Electirc
15) Sony Playstation

Here is a list of even more companies which use wordpress to power their website (or blog site). Here are a handful more companies using WordPress as a content management system.

Top Universities Using WordPress for Content Management

Here is a short list of some of the top colleges and universities using WordPress for their online content management system:

1) Stanford University
2) Wake Forest University
3) Harvard University
4) Vanderbilt University
5) MIT
6) Dartmouth Engineer
7) Outreach Magazine (Georgia)
8] Cornell University (Music)
9) Mary Washington College
10) Duke Center for International Studies

For more colleges using WordPress as a CMS click here.

25 Web enabed business services

How can businesses use the web productivity and for profit? Here are some core web enabled services to help business:

1) Calendar and scheduling (personal, collaborative, and p2p)
2) Collaborative communication, creation, & project management
3) Design & process mapping
4) Multi-media creation & mixing
5) Budgeting, accounting
6) Real time data (and process tracking)
7) Data aggregation & filtering/sorting (content aggregation)
8] Translation
9) Product feedback, market research, and customer service feedback
10) Recommendation engine
11) Community of practice
12) E-learning
13) Forms
14) Menu of options (plug & play object oriented creation)
15) Customer relationship management (Salesforce & Sugar CRM)
16) E-commerce (including payment transactions and transfers)
17) Marketplace (Ebay, Etsy)
18] Crowdsourced answers (Linked in Answers, Yahoo Answers)
19) Data visualization
20) Content filtering/data filtering (ranking/prioritization)
21) Social gaming
22) Simulation
23) Automated feedback provided to your human user
24) Integration (Syncing)
25) Automation/Submission/Distribution

Think about these across industries & devices (web/mobile). Of course you could research the top software as service platforms and find more. You could also check out various plug-ins.

Best Web Design firm in Franklin, Tn

The Nashville area is jam-packed with creatives in fields from art and photography to painting and music. Franklin, a near by and quaint suburb of Nashville is no exception. Franklin offers a handful of extraordinary creative firms which focus on marketing, branding, and web development. However, of late, the best creative web development firm from a pure design perspective is Mellowtown. Mellowtown focuses on writers (that may be singular) and some of the most recognizable Christian music stars. For instance they’ve done web work for Brandon Frazier, Mercy Me, and Rachel Lampa. They’ve also done work for Don Miller and the Affero Project.

If you are looking for amazing web design in Franklin, check Mellowtown’s web design and photography out.

Why do you have such affordable wordpress design?

Why do we offer affordable WordPress design?
So much wordpress design is overbloated and excessive. We believe in offering a high quality and affordable product to small business owners. We believe this is part of service and can help lower the costs and barriers that can be associated with expensive web development projects. Ultimately, we want you to succeed.

How do you offer affordable WordPress design?
We do several things at Creative Fusion which makes our firm’s prices so affordable and budget conscious:

• we didn’t attend $120,000 design schools so we’re not paying off tons of debt
• we don’t waste $3,000 to $6,000 a month on office space (you shouldn’t have to pay for real estate)
• we check out egos at the door. we don’t need to stroke our egos with $4,000 or $5,000 wordpress design prices
• we are passionately committed to offering quality services with high return on investment for our customers
• WordPress is an open source platform
• we offer flexible and creative pricing structures for WordPress design and development (hourly, modular project pricing, and hope to add to this mix)
• we offer highly transparent pricing for our services
• we’re strategic. we spend or money on high impact and high return strategies.
• we use low cost marketing methods. We don’t hire $10,000 to $20,000 per month PR firms to market our projects.

We hope to offer you a great service and in turn for you to refer us to your partners and friends. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, we can help you with your WordPress web design and development needs.