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Network Solution Superstars

Corporate Social Media Solutions:

Watching the Network Solutions Superstars and chatting with others who were at the virtual event was a lot of fun.  The event dealt with 9 core concepts that are helpful for pushing your social media and online marketing efforts forward in a strategic manner:

• Time Demands

• Rising Above the Noise

• Visibility through Search

• To Blog or Not to Blog

• You Need Social Networks

• Strategy Drives Outrearch

• Start with Listening

• The Social Opportunity

• Building Web Presence

Did you attend? Whether you did or didn’t, what else should they have covered?

Social Media Research From Universal McCann International

Trend Watching Statistics on the Rise of Web 2.0 Use:

This is a fantastic presentation with international useage data for social media and blogs.  You will want to click on the lower right hand button to see the presentation in a larger, readable form.

Thoughts?  What does this mean for the future?

Creating a Simple Blogging Schedule

Getting Started Blogging the Successful Way:

Creating a blogging schedule can be an important part of your social media experience. One of the key differences between having an effective strategy and just spinning your wheels. If you’re like every other businessperson your time is precious and you want the best ROI for the time you invest in business ventures. Here are three easy to adapt and use examples of possible blogging schedules:

Option One:
Tuesday: Create pillar blog content (:45 min)
Wednesday: Answer Interview Questions (:25 min)
Thursday: Create pillar blog content (:45 min)

Option Two:
Writing when you’re most inspired + free. In other words, squeezing time in when its available

Option Three:
Blocking of time (2-2:30 hours) to write 2 to 4 posts.

Option Four:
Create alternative method or form of content.

Its all about adapting your strengths as a person and business, your time, and your brand to business blogging. I hope you find one that works well for you. What’s your blogging schedule? What works best for you? What tips or advice do you have for others?

The Best in Affordable Blog Hosting

Looking Inexpensive Web Hosting for a Personal or Professional Blog?

WordPress is the best in blogging and affordable blog hosting. Or you can also choose to use your existing web server space to host your blog.

Alltop just launched a new interface

Alltop, which can connect you to some of the top blogs on the internet about your passions or in your niche just launched a new interface thats very easy on the eyes and pretty user friendly.

Check the new Alltop out and give it test drive! Tell me what you think…

What is blogging about? What is it about FOR YOU?

A Journey over a Decade:

I’ve been in the social media and web 2.0 space for a long time. I’ve been soaking it up, digging in (no pun intended), and communicating brazenly since about day 1. I’ve been communicating on message boards since about 1998 and signed up for my first social network College Club in the Fall of 1999. I’ve been doing this thing for pretty much a decade. Being an early adopter of tech seems like part of my DNA. My parents raised me to try new things–to explore–to branch out and be creative…

So what is blogging about? What is social networking about? To me, its about making digital communication with a human face.

Its about personalizing and humanizing organizations, brands, and companies. Its about adding a human touch. So, its not just you on hold. There is a REAL human on the other end….The genuine artifact. Living and breathing. Human.

At its very core–its humans connecting to other humans.

So as I see it, organizations are faced with a dilema that will likely determine their future success and customer relations from this day forward: continue to be corporate–continue the one way conversation or to turn their backs on the old days of websites from 1997 and participate in the ongoing conversation, and invite and encourage their customers to do the same. As my friend Bill Seaver might say, “Stop trying to push 8-tracks in an iPod world” No other decision will determine the future of their consumer relations in the next decade.

So, what I want to know, is what does it mean to you? Why are you blogging? Why aren’t you blogging? If you are involved, how do you like participating in the conversation?