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Best Return on Investment (ROI) on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Business Blogging.

Web Metrics and Measurement meets Return on Investment:

If you understand much about how the web operates these days, Google is at the very center of the action. its the place where people go to search for businesses and to find answers

Consequently, it makes sense to invest time and money into ensuring that you rank well with Google. Why? So the next time your customer goes searching for (insert your product or service) that you show up on the first page of the Google search engine page results (aka the SERPS)

I thought this breakdown might help you in calculating the return on investment for search engine marketing and optimization.

Return on Investment on Search Engine Optimization Over a Year:

If a visitor on your website is worth fifty cents:
• Increase in 1 Visitor Per Day = 365 * 1 * .50 = $ 182.50
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 10 * .50 = $ 1820.00
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 100 * .50 = $ 18,200.00

If a visitor on your website is worth a quarter:
• Increase in 1 Visitor Per Day = 365 * 1 * .25 = $ 91.25
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 10 * .25 = $ 912.50
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 100 * .25= $ 9125.00

If a visitor on your website is worth a dime:
• Increase in 1 Visitor Per Day = 365 * 3 * .10 = $ 109.50
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 30 * .10 = $ 1,050.00
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 300 * .10 = $ 10,500.00

Return on Investment on Search Engine Optimization Over Three Years:

If a visitor on your website is worth a quarter:
• Increase in 1 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 3 * 1 * .25 = $ 273.75
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 3 * 10 * .25 = $ 2,730.75
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 3 * 100 * .25 = $ 27,307.50

If visitors aren’t worth a quarter, perhaps you should amp up the conversion ratio of your website—so visitors are worth a quarter.

Or looked at another way. If you pay $600 for affordable search engine optimization services and SEO training, thats only $200 per year (thats half what it cost to attend most professional conferences these days). Thats peanuts for an online marketing budget. No thats cheaper than peanuts…because it pays for itself several times over.

Lets calculate 24 hours of SEO services at $25 per hour= $600.
(or put another way 8 hours per year at $200)

So $600 / amortized over 3 years = $200 per year

So a $200 per year investment yields between $1,000 to $10,000 in profit. Thats an amazing investment return. 99.9% of stock investments can’t give you a return like and I’m pretty sure most web marketing and search engine optimization firms can’t (because most would charge $5,000 + vs. $300 to 600 for Creative Fusion’s services)

Beyond Calculation:
These calculations don’t take into account the added benefits of making your customers more educated and creating a better relationship with your customer base. More over, the investment alone is merited, because it means your better positioned and branded online to leverage the online communities and web 2.0 technologies.

Want to Rank Higher with Search Engines Like Google?
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