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Creative Fusion Media does social media and search engine optimization. We would love to help your organization increase its search engine ranking, traffic, and business success.

Internet marketing ranges from pay per click management to affiliate marketing to social media marketing to what we think is the best long term strategy in search engine optimization.

We provide a full range of SEO copy writing, content development, link development, and search engine marketing services. What can we do for you?

Here are some interviews with other Christian SEOs that I did earlier this year:

Christian SEO interview of Creative Fusion Media
• Christian interview of Palmer Marketing
• Christian search optimization interview Ryan of Strider

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Christian SEO and Ethical SEO Tips

I offered some free advice to a Christian client and I provided the info here. This guide should prove very helpful for your the search engine optimization for your faith based organization.

Fundamentals of SEO:

What is the Google algorithm?
Google evaluates your site based on grouped keywords (proximity and emphasis)
and number of incoming links. Those links preferably are from:

• trusted sites (high page rank or just show up high in Google search results)
• link anchor text with relevant keyword (ie Google values “Christian social justice” over “download here” and “Christian SEO” over “click here”)
• Though experience you will understand both link diversity and link quality are very important. Generally if you focus on high quality links, low quality links will naturally happen (ie low quality blogs then link to the quality sites that originally linked to your content)

Fundamentals of SEO and Link building Tips
1) Relevant Content Rocks. Release more relevant content. Google loves new content.
2) Create a Good Neighborhood. When you release content, link both to your website and to other trusted sites.
3) Linking Out is Marketing. One easy example of linking out is linking to bible verses on your website at Biblegateway or linking to specific Christian books (either their website or Amazon’s specific URL)
4) The Joys of Powerpoint. Posting Powerpoint presentation content on Slideshare and link to the presentation on your blog. This will help you rank for the keywords in the Title of the slideshare.
5) Ethical SEO Takes Community and Collaboration. Collaborate with similar organizations (Faith in Public Life, Cross Left, the Beatitudes Society. For more check out “Christian Progressives” or “Christian Moderates” on Google). This could include guest posts and interviews. This could be you linking to their content and telling them when you release new content.
6) A Little Debate Never Hurt Anyone. Also, engaging even opposing sites in dialouge and friendly debating (and linking appropriately) can be helpful for your link building and overall ethical SEO. Thats some of the beauty that a blog enables.
7) Picture Perfect SEO. Use proper SEO for your pictures “darfur-genocide.jpg” Use dashes. (this doesn’t make sense to me.)
8} Focus Your Ethical SEO Strategy. Focus on search ranking factors and Google’s algorithm. Knowing the Google algorithm can help you tap into how Google works.
9) Everybody Loves Google. Google also provides a free guide for SEO. This guide won’t tell you how to link build, but it will tell you the key issues that Google is looking for when its bots search a given website. For instance bolding and italics emphasizes particular keywords to the Google bots.
10) My Brain Hurts. Its good to think about Google juice like ice cube trays or sap running through a tree. (I have to explain this one)
11) Keywords Require Focus. Focus on individual content you want to get promoted or keywords you want to rank for. You don’t want to rank every site your your page, maybe just your dozen or so issues pages and your most important resources.
12) Ethical SEO Requires Patience. Realize SEO is a long term strategy. However getting a couple quality (PR 4 or PR 5 links) can amp up your search rankings for an individual post.
13) Aggregate, Aggregate, Aggregate. Aggregate your best content and make it easy to link to. I need to do this better. Some people do this on their about page, because it generally ranks in the top 10 to 15 most read pages on a website. (also having a Badge that signifies your best content on your main navigation can help. My favorite for this is Josh Brown or now Anne Jackson on the right side of her blog. She doesn’t explicitly have a “best of”, but the nice and helpful use of visually interesting and clear badges probably means those posts get the most traffic.
14) Google SEO Domination is Not the Goal. When you do SEO keep in mind that your intent probably shouldn’t be to dominate the search results (unless its anti-church or non-christian based search), but rather you probably want your intent to raise up your website and related websites.
15) Google Hates Spam. Avoid spammy tactics. You don’t need 10 or 100 copies of one document or page. Google doesn’t appreciate super-spamming tactics.
16) Need more Ethical SEO Tips? Check out these ethical seo keyword tips and techniques.
17) Glossary of Key SEO Terms. Learn what link building and link baiting are.
18} The Future of SEO and Search. Learn what Universal search and personalized search (aka the Google search wiki are) and what they mean for ethical search engine marketing.
19) Think Outside the Box. Pick another platform.

• Do things off the blog like guest posts on (influential either via traffic, RSS readers, or Technorati ranking) Christian blogs with similar content.
• You can create a Work guide for and link back to the content on your website. Not only does this allow you to build links, but it allows you to do so in a way that you get specific anchor text for your link.
• Notice your Ning community should allow you to create relevant links both in the blogs and forums.

20) “And In the Real World.” Real world events and conferences can help create links back to your website. For instance if you talk at a university (Google loves links from .edu websites) or go to a nonprofit event with other Christian organizations there may be a way to get a link or two.
21) Testimonials for SEO. Some SEOs suggest offering to give a review or testimonial for your vendors that has a link back. (Note: in most cases this won’t be the most relevant of links, but it should have some value in Google’s eyes)
22) Unique Content is Golden. Remember unique content is more likely to get links. Visuals can help create a feel of uniqueness and actually add to the total amount of content that Google searches with its bots.
23) Long Tail Principles. Remember the long tail, but the end is not where you want to be. You want to be on the fat belly for maximum return. This just means you won’t rank for “christian” but you can rank for “christian social justice” or the individual issues you are discussing.
24) Social Media and Conversation. Finally, remember the conversational aspect of social media and blogs. If you use that to link to similar people and get a dialouge going you will likely create links in an ethical and responsible way.
25) Be Different. Stand Out. Pictures and metaphors help tell a better story. (I officially stink at this SEO strategy)
26) Experiment with SEO. The only way to get better is to experiment with SEO. Experiments help you try outside of the box thinking and strategy and is one of the key things that makes SEO interesting.

Search Engine Optimization Tools for Christian Websites

• Using SEO Book Keyword tool or Google keyword tool to determine how much traffic an individual term gets can be helpful.
• If you want user data about your site (or someone elses site) Quantcast is free and fantastic.
Website grader is a basic way to tell how your site is doing in terms of SEO.

I don’t think that you necessarily have to get too technical to have a good campaign. Create useful content. Link to other useful content that your audience will like. Focus on evergreen content over more time sensitive content.

Have any question about ethical seo or Christian SEO?

How did I become a Christian SEO?

How I became a Christian SEO

Well, I grew up in Nashville going to Harpeth Hills and then later at Natchez Trace Church with a great and supportive Christian family. Through out my life my family helped me connect with great learning opportunities like Christian summer camp and vacation bible school.

I graduated from college in 1999 and then got my graduate degree in communications at Ball State University in 2001. About a year later I started doing professional policy research and instructing at the University of Rochester, which was exciting and a great opportunity to showcase my winning strategic skills.

How I went from Collegiate debate coach and professional researcher to Christian SEO

Later I moved on to Weber and then Washington DC to coach several nationally award winning debate teams. I grew a bit tired of debate and started learning the basics of search engine optimization. I was utilizing keyword research, content development, relationship building, and the fundamentals of link building to grow my blogs readership.

Applying My Strategic SEO Skills to the Marketplace:
I soon was hired by a local seo firm in Nashville to do content development for 6 of their client blogs. From there I’ve gone on to work with a handful of seo clients. Thats my story. Thats how one becomes a Christian SEO or at least how I became a Christian SEO. Its been a learning curve, but fun. My online research, strategy, and training from teaching debate to college aged students has been tremendously helpful to SEO content development and marketing strategy. Its also been helpful in staying on top of the constantly changing world of search engine rankings, Google, and social media marketing.

Our Christian Principles in Life and Business
The LORD is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalms 27:1

Your Christian Internet Marketing Agency

Looking for Christian Internet Marketing Agencies?

Excellent. Welcome. You’ve come to the right place.

Throughout my life and the Creative Fusion Media, I’ve tried to work with and provide internet and marketing consulting for quality Christian organizations, Christian ministries, and Christian businesses.

Working with Christian people and organizations gives me the opportunity to work set down with an organization and provide an assessment of the overall online marketing, communications, SEO, and public relations.

What exactly does that involve? How can you help my Christian business with marketing? Well its really pretty simple:

• Strategic market assessment
• Communications consulting
• Comprehensive social media and marketing training
• Online business strategy
• Search engine marketing and optimization
• Online PR
• Internet marketing execution

We can help you connect with your community leveraging social marketing and online public relations strategies.

Creative Fusion Media. A professional and friendly Christian marketing agency. How can we help you with your marketing needs? Please contact us at (615) 594 – 2095 for your free, no obligation twenty minute consultation.

Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed.
Proverbs 15:22

What are the principles of ethical SEO and principled internet marketing?

What is ethics in marketing?

Ethics in marketing is about using both ethical means and ethical ends in your product development and marketing process. It providing quality customer service so that product delivery and execution is nearly flawless. Responsible companies want to really add value to their customer and to humanity. Consistently the best companies are companies which respect customers intelligence and interests and use that as the foundation of their product and guiding principles.

Principles of Ethics in Business and Marketing: Ethical SEO in Context
These principles extend from product development and marketing through the product (or service) delivery phase. They are based in respect for the dignity the consumer and community and are at the backbone of all ethical systems.

• Based on products and services that add real value to the consumer. Products and services that solve real consumer problems.
• Practices honesty in marketing and advertising. Ultimately, truth in advertising.
• Create win/win solutions for consumer, community, and business. On balance does more good than harm.
Some businesses go so far as to promote the triple bottom line (profit-planet-people)
• Practices sound business ethics

What is ethics seo and principled internet marketing?
How do you determine if you are using responsible and ethical web marketing tactics? How do you determine if your are using ethical tactics and strategies in your web marketing strategies? Here are some core ethical communication and ethical seo principles:

• Creating great, audience centric content that adds value.
Avoid spam and spam-like methods for marketing and promotion
• Not manipulating or tricking the user to increase search rankings
• Not manipulating or tricking the search engines such as cloaking
• Making your website usable for users. User centric design is critical.
• Avoiding duplicate content helps SEO
• Avoid link farms

And generally avoid the marketing practices that Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft frowns upon. For instance the search engines generally dislike. The best way is to assess your internal values on a regular basis. What do the principles of ethics internet marketing mean in terms of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Initially, you want to avoid black hat seo and black hat seo firms. Additionally, you also want be very sure the kinds of tactics your seo company utilizes generally avoid gray hat seo.

You may also want to check out my presentation on ethical seo or my other resources about ethical seo.

Christian SEO Interview #4: Justin Palmer of Palmer Web Marketing

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

I first experimented in SEO through my senior project in College. As I learned the tactics of SEO, I realized it was a particularly rewarding type of work. Though my background is more in website creation and programming, I loved the ability to quickly make a huge impact on a website’s success by delivering high quality traffic from search engines. To me, that was much more rewarding than simply building a website and
hoping it made money.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

Many people think SEO is a shady type of marketing, that is somehow inappropriately manipulates search results. As a Christian, and working with Christian clients, I can assure them that the SEO methods I use are
ethical and approved by Google themsevles I have to ask myself, how would Jesus SEO this page? (well, I guess I don’t really ask myself that, but the principle applies)

Absolutely. I totally agree. Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

Unfortunately, I do believe the SEO industry is plagued with a lot of unethical tactics, causing it to have a bad reputation. Personally, I stay away from “newer” tactics that might be consider grey hat. I tend to focus more on technical, internal linking, content, and only trusted external links methods.

As a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

James 1:2 – Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

This year in my life, I have gone through several trials that have taught me that God is pruning and shaping me into something better. I have begun learning how to experience joy through these times.

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

I think the biggest misconception is that there simple 1-2-3 formula for ranking well on search engines. In other words, time + money = rankings. Unfortunately, there are too many variables, and a good SEO will not
promise specific deliverables in a certain amount of time.

What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

1. Stick with the tried and true, don’t go chasing after every internet marketing fad. For me, this includes email marketing, SEO, pay per click, and website usability.
2. Don’t let any one particular internet marketing tactic (including SEO) dominate your entire strategy. When working with a web marketing consultant, make sure they have broad knowledge are they aren’t pushing
you on any 1 particular method, just because they are experienced with it
3. Don’t make assumptions about your website and visitors that will cost you business. I wrote 10 tips regarding this here:

Speaking of tips for small business owners, what are your three favorite search engine optimization tools?

I absolutely love all the tools from Aaron Wall’s SEO Book site I use his keyword tool, Rank Checker, and SEO for Firefox tools daily.

I totally agree, the SEO Book tools are a must. Do you have any predictions for the future of search, social media, or the web?

I believe companies will realize the need for a holistic approach to the marketing tactics listed above. Many methods are still new and untested, but as they mature it will become apparent that all work together. I believe Google will become much more sophisticated in the way they rank sites, requiring site owners to create valuable content rather than simply build links for SEO sake.

Great advice and guidance from Justin. Thanks to Justin Palmer Christian SEO at Palmer Marketing for participating in this interview.

Christian SEO Interview #3 : Ryan Freeman of Strider in Toronto

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

I grew up using local bulletin boards, and worked for one of Canada’s first ISPs as a teenager. As the web became more widely adopted, people asked me to develop websites for them, which evolved naturally into a need to rank those sites. Over time my work transitioned away from providing IT services and into web marketing.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

I love it. I love my work, and I thank God for placing me in a position to enjoy my work. Man was created for work, and we are called to work on earth every minute as though working for Jesus Himself. It’s much easier to do that when you love the work you’ve been given.

Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

I don’t think it’s any more challenging in SEO than being a Christian in any other workplace. There are varying levels of morality across the industry, some based on religion, some based on pragmatism, but I don’t think SEO is any harder or easier for staying true to my faith. There are temptations, and sometimes we sin, but just like a Christian florist or a Christian accountant, we want the pattern of our lives to reflect Christ.

I don’t think using a gray hat tactic is necessarily un-Christian, but it’s a matter of ethics in dealing with the client. They need to understand the risks. If we were to employ black or gray tactics and harm a customer’s site, we are not faithfully serving them. However, if the customer is fully aware of the risks that’s a different story. We still will refuse to do anything blatantly deceptive to trick a consumer. That’s out of bounds, and quite frankly I think if you have to trick someone it speaks volumes about the quality of what you’re offering.

Wow. Right on Ryan. What a great answer. So as a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

Truly, there are too many to list. The Psalms, of course are awesome. It’s easy for us to read David’s writings now from the perspective of knowing the end of the story, but we need to remember as we read that the man was literally fearing for his life, back to the rock, enemies surrounding him seeking his blood. God had promised him certain things, but it didn’t look like the promises would be fulfilled. Yet time and again, God was faithful to preserve David. I also like reading James, how the actions of our lives give evidence to our faith. If we are not faithful in trials, if we are not asking God for wisdom, it can indicate that we are still in need of saving. Every trial draws me closer to God and leads me to lean more on him.

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

SEO involves keywords, meta tags and lots of stuffing or trickery. That SEO can be taught in a day. That you can learn much of value in online forums.

I’d have to agree with all three of those appraisals as SEO myths. So what are your three favorite blog posts about content, social media, or search engine optimization?

Anything by Matt McGee, Stoney Degeyter, David Mihm & Aaron Wall. There are many others, but these are a few I would recommend to anyone at any level.

Agreed, What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

• Keep producing content
• Keep a close eye on your internal linking
• Use your own voice – don’t be vanilla/corporate, have a personality

I really enjoyed the interview from another Christian SEO. Thanks to Ryan Freeman, Christian SEO at Strider SEO in Toronto for taking time out to chat about SEO and business ethics.

Interview with Me : Christian Search Engine Optimization | Christian SEO

This is an interview with me, Nathan Ketsdever, of Creative Fusion Media an ethical SEO Company.

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

Well, I was doing social media work in Washington DC and then started up a blog about Christian nonprofits and the recent rise, at least in the public eye, of Christian social justice and social change. I then became a social media consultant because I was facsinated about the ways the web was changing under our feet and became more interested in the way that search engine optimization could help drive value for social media clients. I thought, if social media didn’t get sustainable traffic then the value was miniscule compared to SEO strategies.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

I think its pretty cool. I really like the research, strategy, and communication apsects of being a search engine optimization company. Like being a Christian in any career, whether it be being marketing executive or attorney, being a Christian SEO has its share of ethical issues.

Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

Search engine optimization is divided up into black hat, gray hat, and white hat tactics. I focus my efforts on white hat tactics and stay away from black hat tactics like spam, cloaking, and paid links, that not only hurt user experience, but also risk being punished by Google (the famous Google slap, which many a black hat has suffered).

As a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

One of my favorites is Matthew 25 I think to whom much is given, much is expected. In other words, we’re supposed to use our talents and blessings for good.

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

One of the biggest misconceptions might be about what search engine optimization is–that SEO goes beyond meta-tags. The second is a general overall misunderstanding about what SEO can do for a bricks and mortar local business.

What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

Great content forms the backbone of any good ethical search engine optimization strategy. Second, enhancing your user experience either by adding social media or simple design features can help your search engine rankings efforts. Third, your content strategy and link strategy should work together, otherwise your efforts will fall on their face. Integrating the strategy is the key.

Interview with UK Christian SEO Firm

Here is the interview I did with Scot Crone of Micrositez, who is a Christian SEO. Thanks to Scot for participating. If you are a Christian SEO and would like to be interviewed, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

How did the world of search engine optimization find you?

I started off in web design but I really became interested in SEO so I made the transition and I now no longer do web design.

How do you like being a Christian SEO?

I think it’s awesome… I never do SEO for sites which contradict Biblical teaching… I don’t want to have to stand before the Lord one day and have him say… “Scot, why did you help to promote all those adult or gambling or drug websites?”

Is it challenging maintaining your faith as a Christian in the SEO industry? For instance, what do you think about gray hat tactics?

I think it’s important to know where the line is in life SEO is no different… your spirit will tell you… stay out of the grey, never get in the black and always stay in the white… ‘Hat’ that is.

As a Christian, what is your favorite Bible verse through trials?

Nehemiah 8:10

What are the biggest misconceptions about SEO either from clients or from the industry?

That’s its some sort of witchcraft or black art! SEO is neither… it’s a flair… a good seo has search experience and knowledge and the expertise to implement both that’s all.

What would you say are your three favorite tips for webmasters and small business owners for ethical search engine optimization?

Make sure your site has lots of fresh original content, make sure it is fully crawlable by Google and the rest and get plenty of good quality one way back links… and you can’t lose.

Scot Crone is the owner of Micrositez SEO UK. A Christian SEO Company based in Scotland.

Ethical and Christian SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Solutions

Helping You Understand the Value of Search Engine Optimization:

You might be wondering “What is search engine optimization?” “What can increasing my search rankings do for me?” Or at least, “What can the right SEO do for me?”

It can increase your brand awareness, your brand reputation, and dramatically increase your web traffic. You can increasingly get target for not just your name, but the massive level of traffic surrounding your work’s passion and what you do.

This opens up the ability to take advantage of online communication, the dramatic upswings in web traffic and average user engagement over the last three years. This trend will only increase as traditional print advertising dies on the vine and social networking like Facebook and YouTube experience explosive user growth.

Why choose our Christian Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company:

• Our passion for help you and your team
• Openness and honesty
• Commitment to building quality relationships
• Focus on quality links over junk links, unlike many SEO firms
• Ethical, hyper-white hat SEO
• Consulting for other marketing and technology services your firm or organization needs
• Very affordable rates
• Value and Return on Investment (ROI)

These principles are fundamental to our company’s ethic of doing business. And now is a critical time for your Christian business, non profit, or church to take your website and online communications to the next level with a integrated and strategic social media marketing, social networking, and search engine optimization campaign.

If you want to know more about ethical SEO, SEO for churches and Christian organizations, or social media services, please contact me at (615) 594 – 2095. Have a great day!