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Best Wordpress Plug-ins for Church Websites

WordPress Plug-ins for Church Websites

Hopefully these WordPress plug-ins will come in handy on your next install of WordPress whether that be on your church, ministry, or non-profit wordpress site.  All serve a very specific function which helps with WordPress blog efficiency or online communication.  Feel free to add your favorite wordpress plug in in the comments with your positive experience with the plug-in:

1) Search Box
2) Popularity Contest (Top Posts)
3) Recent Posts
4) Top Commenters Plug-in
5) Comment Organization Plug-ins (Intense Debate)
6) Author Text Box
7) Google Calendar
8] Related Posts Plug-ins
9) Social Links Plug-in (or a custom)
10) Security Related Plug-ins
11) Greetbox Plug-in
12) WP Backup
13) Twitter Plug-in (optional)
14) Google Analytics
15) Subscribe-Remind Plug-in
16) Facebook or Google Friend Connect Plug-in
17) Askimet for WordPress (Spam Blocking)
18) Share This type plug-in
19) Flickr or Automated Photo Slider (Dynamic Content or Next Gen Gallery)
20) Contact form 7 plug-in
21) Google Site Map Generator
22) Landing sites plug in (note: this is realistically redundant with Greetbox above)
23) Search meter (“If you have a Search box on your blog, Search Meter automatically records what people are searching for — and whether they are finding what they are looking for”–To see what visitors are searching for)
24) SEO All-in-one plug in
25) Wp Page-Navi (“Adds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress site”–optional)
26) WP Forum (optional–“Simple discussion forum plugin for WordPress”)
26) Bible Verse for WordPress
27) Geopress (Google map plug-in)
28) SEO ROI or SEO Smartlinks
29) Global Translator (“Global Translator automatically translates your blog in the following 48 different languages”)
30) E-mail Subscription (although your email marketing firm may have a specific plug in or code for email subscription)

It would be interesting to see a review of both Event Manager, GD Press tools, and HP Hash Cash (block spam bots), all of which are reasonably popular WordPress plug-ins.

You’ll also want to add a linkbait (lots of blogs are using a page turn Plug-in in the upper right hand corner) and an RSS subscription box (although you probably want to change that to E-mail based subscription). Also its smart to add “recommended links” either to the sidebar or as a post page. Finally, after 6 or so months of blogging….you have the option of asking your audience….and A/B testing for which plug-ins work best. However, the above plug-ins have a proven record of helping enable effective websites on the WordPress blogging platform. Finally, you may also want to browse popular WordPress plug-ins here. In addion, you may want to check out the work of top wordpress developers like Alex KingWhat WordPress plug-ins would you recommend for a church website?

Principles for Hiring Extraordinary Church Website Designers

I noticed that Lifechurch.TV has a gorgeous blog for their church internet campus. It uses the Thesis Theme from WordPress. What a great job from the web designers at Lifechurch.

Here is a great list of the Top Web Designs for Churches from the kind folks at Vandelay Design:

Extraordinary church web design principle number one: easy to navigate (ask the designer what they can tell you about usability and what usability elements they are adding to the site)
Extraordinary church web design principle number two: great and relevant content. content on the web tends to be shorter and in shorter paragraphs. the copy should tell your story and hopefully a little of your member’s story
Extraordinary church web design principle number three: easy to use forms
Extraordinary church web design principle number four: CSS (if you don’t know what CSS, please make sure your designer does)
Extraordinary church web design principle number five: general avoidance of the use of Flash. Flash is usually a usability faux pa.
Extraordinary church web design principle number six: Add social elements to your website, including a WordPress blog
Extraordinary church web design principle number seven: I may be partial, but search engine optimization or some other strategic form of internet marketing

Creative Fusion Media is a Christian Social Media Marketing Agency.

I’ve been thinking about user created content a little bit in the church website context. What kind of disclaimers should accompany church websites or more specifically church websites and ministry blogs? What points for hiring website designers would you add to the list?