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Is information and content management a means for business productivity and success?

I’ve been reading Wikinomics over the last two weeks, which is fundamentally about how in our information age:

1) information and power are fundamentally de-centralizing
2) collaboration with internal and external sources of knowledge is critical for innovation and success

Its been an interesting read. I’ve particularly like reading the Wikinomics blog over past few days, because they talk about start-ups and web trends in a way that captures the passion behind the technology, rather than a legalistic summary. These focus on how digital information is radically transforming communication, creativity, and collaboration. (micro meets global ala global/local) In this era, as no other, the words of Bill Gates certainly hold true for business:

“The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competition, the best way to put distance between you and the crowd, is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

Bill Gates / “Business @ the Speed of Thought”

Enterprise 2.0: 12 Things Wikis Can Do For Your Organizational Communication

The Power of Wikis for Business Productivity and Project Management:

Stewart Madder, author of Wikipatterns highlights:

When Tim Berners-Lee created the WorldWideWeb, he envisioned it as a “creative space to share and edit information….and wikis enable people to do just that.

Growing wiki use in your organization is worthwhile because it creates an environment where everyone is empowered to directly make things happen, which gives people a deeper sense of purpose and accomplishment. That’s not something I can say for most other tools, like email. It’s essential if you want to build a successful new venture, or ensure the relevance and success of an existing organization in this rapidly changing world.

(credit: Wikinomics blog)

Who Cares?
If you’re not quite sold on the radical communication powers of wikis, Web Worker Daily has a great explanation of productive uses of wikis to inspire you:

1) To-do list.
2) Project management.
3) Operations manuals
4) Checklists.
5) Plan an event.
6) Log client work.
7) Track invoices.
8 Notes and snippets.
9) Goals.
10) Contacts.
11) Workspace.
12) FAQs.

Wikis are about collaborative and coordinated communication. Period.

Is a Wiki right for your organization and its needs?

A recent Information Week article answers this question with ease as it details the knowledge and content management capabilities of wikis. Ezra Goodnoe delineates:

Wikis can centralize all types of corporate data, such as spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDFs — anything that can be displayed in a browser.

Goodnoe continues:

• You want to establish a company intranet quickly and cheaply without sacrificing functionality, security, or durability.

• You want to publish a range of corporate documents in one universally accessible location and let employees manage those documents with a minimum of effort, lag, and risk of redundancy.

• You want to manage and organize meeting notes, team agendas, and company calendars.

• You need a project management tool that is cheap (if not free), extensible, and accessible through any Web browser.

• You need a central location where shared documents can be viewed and revised by a large and/or dispersed team.

Check out Information Week’s list of questions to determine if a wiki is right for you.

What can wikis do for you? For your productivity, project management, and communication coordination? Or do you have wiki stories of your own?

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Coping with Information Overload: Why You Need a Targeted Information Diet

Information Management: Maximizing Signal and Noise:

Do you ever get that, “My brain is about to EXPLODE” feeling that Gary Larson so aptly captured in one of his more famous Far Side comics? Its probably never been more true than it is today in our robust information age.

Information is coming at us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days, and often all turned up to volume 11. Creating an information management program is imperative to your focus, productivity, and ultimately your personal and professional success.

The ability to filter the information overload is increasingly going to be in demand as this information tsunami assaults our collective brains and lives.

Five key ways to manage this information (over)flow easier are:

1) When Google fails target del.icio.us for searches. Get more signal and less noise.
2) Use Jott to keep your clients or coworkers up to date.
3) Stay organized with 43 Folders tools.
4) Stay motivated with Zen Habits.
5) Use an RSS Reader to stay up to date (as Steve Rubel of Edleman says “Its Tivo for the Web”)

Do you have a great tip or post for maintaining a manageable information diet?