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Our Social Media Marketing, Training, and Consulting Services for Your Company

Creative Fusion Media: Your Social Media Agency and SEO Consulting Company

Our turn key social media services include…

Targeted Social Media Market Research-specific research into your vertical and niche

Online Social Media Customer Research-targeted research based on the social media community interactions of your customers.

Social Media and Blog Content Development Consulting-strategic consulting in the development of content to help your customers, your brand, and your Google ranking.

Social Media Metrics and Tracking-intensive listening to social media interactions and communities online to help leverage your brand and communication message.

Search Engine Optimization Training-don’t get left behind on Google. You ignore the Google algorithm at your own risk. 95% of social media companies, consultants, services, and firms fail to provide search engine optimization services. This is one of the two leading reasons why social media campaigns fail. Don’t let it happen to you.

Creative Fusion Media is Your Ethical SEO, Local SEO, and Affordable SEO in Nashville, TN We are an ethical internet marketing firm who melds the worlds of SEO and social media for real world business results. Our company provides a full range of marketing, consulting, and training services If you need social media consulting, a search engine marketing campaign, or would like someone to help you with your internet marketing needs, please contact us at (615) 974-9662. We look forward to working with you.

Here is an interesting, entertaining, and educational video about the social media community YouTube and its effect on communication and culture.


Christian Social Media and Social Networking

Christian and Church Related Social Networking Communities : Your Definitive Guide to Church Social Media

Why social networking?Christians along with the unchurched are going online in mass and slowly abandoning mass media. Social networking, blogs, and interactive social media are creating a revolution in how people interact and connect online. Its also fundamentally transforming Christian and church marketing practices, but these changes typically are slow with some maven churches on the leading edge of social media marketing.

Why should your church or christian organization be involved with social media? Its about sharing your story online. Its about connecting to the people in your organization. Its about being found in Google. And its about being missional.

God Tube-Christian version of YouTube

My Church-Christian version of MySpace

Shout Life-Another Christian version of MySpace.

Christian Leaders on Twitter-Just a Facebook group for Christian leaders. There are several other groups for Christian leaders. Check out this free Facebook for Pastors e-book

Belief Net Community-in addition to a blog community, Belief Net which is owned by Ruport Murdoch a per his acquisition about a year ago.

Ning-Ning allows you to create your own social network in 60 seconds. There are several Christian communities on Ning

God Blogs-Christian-esque social news community (I believe this community no longer exists)

Linked In and Christian Social Networking
Christian Professionals
Business as Mission Network
Christian Ministry and Church Leadership

Other Non-Christian Relateded Social Networking Communities to Check Out:
Shelfari and Good Reads are book social networks for books. I would probably just pick one.

Flickr-a photo sharing site. A great way to share your story, especially if you or someone in your family or your church enjoys taking pictures. Also, if you have artistic or visual content that isn’t video, but instread two-dimensional flickr is a fantastic option for putting that content online and giving it a home.

Yelp is social networking for restaurants and local business reviews.

Facebook-this is the mack daddy of social networks. Churches like Lifechurch have applications here to drive online engagement and community. Leveraging groups in facebook is a great way to connect with fellow church goers for activities.

Twitter-people tend to like twitter. Lots of church leaders and Christian authors are on here. A great place to connect with those folks and others.

Vimeo-Great place in addition You Tube and God Tube to post videos.

Viddler-Another fantastic video sharing community.

UStream is a great way to live stream church services, church events, or classes. There are several other players in this space that are worth looking at.

WordPress is a great blogging platform and arguably the best blogging platform.

Second Life I don’t recommend Second Life (SL) for everybody, but a very small number of churches (around 100 or so according to recent article by Christianity Today) are creating online communities on the social network Second Life.

Upcoming is social networking for events. Although in the short term, Facebook events is probably the best place to coordinate this rather than Upcoming, because not a lot of people are on upcoming except in major cities like Washington DC, San Fransisco, and New York.

More Christian and Religious Social Media Marketing Resources

For more about church social media and social networking check out our other posts or Aaron Marshall church social media. You can see his video on Vimeo called Social Media 101, which he delivered at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Christianity on Alltop-aggregation of some of the best blogs on Christianity and Christian related subjects

Religion on Alltop-aggregation of some fo the top blogs in the area of religion

Have any Christian social networking suggestions or tips? Do you have any questions about religious social media for me or others? Where do you digital missions and e-ministry moving towards?

Thought leadership marketing and public relations

Seven Resources on Online Thought Leadership Marketing and Public Relations

Monitoring, tracking, and assessing thought leadership. Tracking thought leadership, influence, and conversations in social media communities via Hyperwords.

Social Mention, Blog Pulse (particularly conversational tracker), and Filtrbox are also great ways to listen to the direction of online conversational chatter.

Experienced thought leadership research. Malcolm Gladwell in his new book Outliers says it takes 10,000 hours to have enough knowledge and experience to become a thought leader.

Thought leadership marketing. 13 Essentials by Larry Chase on thought leadership. A fantastic read and overview.

Thought leadership for public relations. An interesting read from Duct Tape Marketing on leveraging leading ideas via thought leadership for media relations and PR.

Thought leadership with social media. Pragmatic marketing suggests using social media for thought leadership. I would add using online pr, networking events and real world community engagement, and slideshare to the list for maximum thought leadership.

Thought leadership principles. Marketing Savant suggests 7 fantastic criteria for thought leadership from the Bloom Group: Focus, Novelty, Relevance, Validity, Practicality, Rigor, and Clarity. I think relationships are more important than this rubric gives them credit. And online certainly design and user experience are part of the thought leadership puzzle.

Listening for Thought Leadership. Using Google reader to stay up to date with the industries’ leading blogs and websites is critical to understanding where your industry and customers are moving toward. Education, listening, and learning are critical for any thought leadership program.

Strategic Risk taking and Thought Leadership. One might suggest Seth Godin as the go to person for taking calculated risks based on his book The Dip. Or perhaps you would like to crowd source your answer with 100 Wisemen or Predictify. With the Enron collapse, it seems management consulting firms are so very 2001.

David Meerman Scott’s Thought Leadership Guidelines. In addition to suggesting people use nine core social media tools (webinars, blogs, podcasting, video, wikis, whitepapers, e-books, research surveys and reports and email newsletters) he suggests the following principles or guidelines:

• Do not write about your company and your products! Thought leadership content is designed to solve buyer problems or answer questions and to show that you and your organization are smart and worth doing business with. This type of marketing and PR technique is not a brochure or sales pitch. Thought leadership is not advertising.

• Define your organizational goals first. Do you want to drive revenue? Encourage people to download something?

• Based on your goals, decide whether you want to provide the content for free and without any registration (many more people will use the content, but you won’t know who they are) or whether you want to include some kind of registration mechanism (much lower response rates, but you build a contact list).

• Think like a publisher by understanding your audience. Consider what market problems your buyer personas are faced with and develop topics that appeal to them.

• Write for your audience. Use examples and stories. Make it interesting.

• Choose a great title that grabs attention. Use subtitles to describe what the content will deliver.

• Promote the effort like crazy. Offer the content on your site with easy-to-find links. Add a link to employees’ email signatures—and get partners to offer links as well.

• To drive the viral marketing effects, alert appropriate reporters, bloggers, and analysts that the content is available, and send them a download link.

What are your thoughts, opinions, or resources on thought leadership for marketing and pr? Is thought leadership even an effective method of public relations and marketing? Are you looking for a Nashville public relations firm or company?

What are the principles of ethical SEO and principled internet marketing?

What is ethics in marketing?

Ethics in marketing is about using both ethical means and ethical ends in your product development and marketing process. It providing quality customer service so that product delivery and execution is nearly flawless. Responsible companies want to really add value to their customer and to humanity. Consistently the best companies are companies which respect customers intelligence and interests and use that as the foundation of their product and guiding principles.

Principles of Ethics in Business and Marketing: Ethical SEO in Context
These principles extend from product development and marketing through the product (or service) delivery phase. They are based in respect for the dignity the consumer and community and are at the backbone of all ethical systems.

• Based on products and services that add real value to the consumer. Products and services that solve real consumer problems.
• Practices honesty in marketing and advertising. Ultimately, truth in advertising.
• Create win/win solutions for consumer, community, and business. On balance does more good than harm.
Some businesses go so far as to promote the triple bottom line (profit-planet-people)
• Practices sound business ethics

What is ethics seo and principled internet marketing?
How do you determine if you are using responsible and ethical web marketing tactics? How do you determine if your are using ethical tactics and strategies in your web marketing strategies? Here are some core ethical communication and ethical seo principles:

• Creating great, audience centric content that adds value.
Avoid spam and spam-like methods for marketing and promotion
• Not manipulating or tricking the user to increase search rankings
• Not manipulating or tricking the search engines such as cloaking
• Making your website usable for users. User centric design is critical.
• Avoiding duplicate content helps SEO
• Avoid link farms

And generally avoid the marketing practices that Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft frowns upon. For instance the search engines generally dislike. The best way is to assess your internal values on a regular basis. What do the principles of ethics internet marketing mean in terms of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Initially, you want to avoid black hat seo and black hat seo firms. Additionally, you also want be very sure the kinds of tactics your seo company utilizes generally avoid gray hat seo.

You may also want to check out my presentation on ethical seo or my other resources about ethical seo.

Marketing with Whitepapers: Using White Papers for Ethical SEO

Eight Steps to Ethical SEO | White Hat SEO Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

I recently read a great blog post on SEO for white papers. I thought I would add my two cents to the discussion. Here are my eight top suggestions for using SEO for white papers:

Easy Executive Summary First, If you use the Safari browser on an Apple Macintosh, you can use the “Summarize” function under the “Safari” pull down menu.

Whitepaper Link bait Second, invest in a white paper that is easy to read, focuses on benefits, and contains visually interesting elements.

PR Release and Ethical SEO Third, I would suggest launching with an online PR release and/or blogger relations campaign.

Listbait for SEO Fourth, consider using one or more of your white papers as list bait.

Listen to Your Audience Fifth, focus on content that your buyers will be interested in because it will solve problems for them.

Create an SEO Network Sixth, linking out from the PDF to other relevant content on your website as well other places.

Ethical SEO Best Practices Seventh, optimize your PDF for the search engine spiders and ultimately for SEO.

Ethical SEO and Usability Eighth, of course you want to make it easy to find your white paper easily on your main website.

Creative Fusion Media is Your Ethical SEO, Local SEO, and Affordable SEO in Nashville, TN We are an ethical internet marketing firm who melds the worlds of SEO and social media for real world business results.

Nashville’s Bloggers: Guide to the Most “Influential” Nashville Bloggers

Nashville’s Bloggers: Guide to the Most Influential Nashville Bloggers

This is a guide to Nashville blogging rockstars. While I have weird feelings about celebrity and perhaps even weirder things about internet celebrity, I thought this might be a helpful guide for those getting introduced to the Nashville blogging scene. If I leave someone off the list, I’m genuinely sorry…I wasn’t able to name all 250-350 bloggers….but you can drop your favorites in the comments.

Rex Hammock’s Blog– CEO of local publishing company in the Nashville area, Hammock Publishing. Rex is also a bit of a Nashville photo blogger.

Jaxn– Startup executive and entrepreneur for Stat Zen and URL Zen. Jackson’s company was featured at Tech Crunch 50, a conference of the most influential and interesting tech and new media startups.

Dr. Jeff Cornwall– Professor at Belmont and editor and chief of the Entrepreneurial Mind.

Pete Wilson– at pastor at Cross Point Church at Without Wax. Pete’s blog feature features great sermon bumpers as well as short entertaining video stories about life and growing up. Here is Adam and Eve explained by Pete’s kid.

Anne Jackson. Writer, blogger, designer, and church leadership person at Cross Point Church. She’s putting out a book very, very soon called Mad Church Disease on Zonderzan.

Michael Hyatt– Just some guy. Actually, he is the CEO at Thomas Nelson. So some guy with a plush office.

Matthew Paul TurnerChristian author, speaker, and funny guy. He is author of the Christian Culture Survival Guide, Hokey Pokey and a handful of other personal and thought provoking Christian books. You can see Matthew Turner on his Youtube channel, check out the feature about him on the God’s Mac podcast, or see the Cred Productions videos about Hokey Pokey. (please forgive me Matthew–I haven’t forgotten) His wife is also an occassional video blogger.

Dave Barnes. Hilarious guy, video blogger, and up and coming music guy . (quite possibly insane) Kanye West’s workout has nothing on the Dave Barnes workout. Or perhaps you’d like to see his video tour of Franklin, TN. For the Christmas season, this “Christmas Extravaganza” is probably the most appropriate and cheery.

Randy Elrodat Ethos Blog in a Christian entrepreneur and always has something forward thinking to say.

Tiny Cat Pants– Funny stuff.

Nashville is Talking– is a round up of local Nashville blogs. Its run by Christian G at WKRN.

Jay Deragon. He’s an author of a well researched book about social media called the Relationship Economy. Nice guy–I met him about 3 weeks ago at Fido.

Nashville Post-Mr. Kleinhelder keeps the Nashville area informed about politics.

Dave Delaney-Resident Canandian new media guy for Griffin and creator of Geek Breakfast and the guy who along with Marcus Whitney brought Barcamp Nashville and Podcamp Nashville to Tennessee. He’s also faciliated a fantastic new project Tennessee Bloggers for education.

Chris Wage. Photoblogger Chris Wage has had his photos featured in the Tennessean.

Mitch Canter– web designer who specializes in WordPress design. He was recently featured in the WordPress section on Alltop.

Newscoma is a former reporter who reports mostly on politics and other fun stuff..

Rob Robinson is in PR and reports on Vanderbilt, Nashville News, and general community happenings at Thinktrain.

Brittney Gilbert– Brittney is no longer in Nashville, she’s moved to the left coast, but her effects on the community as a person and blogger are still heard.

Local Nashville Blogging Resources:
Nashville Yelp– local food blogging and business review community.

Outside In for Nashville, TN

Outside in for Brentwood, TN.

Nashville on Placeblogger.

Who is your favorite or most influential blogger in Nashville, TN?

Nathan Ketsdever is a blogger about Christian nonprofits, faith, and social media at Compassion in Politics. He is also the chief online strategist at Creative Fusion Media. He is also a Nashville blogger.

Nashville Search Engine Optimization | Nashville Tennessee SEO

Your Nashville Ethical Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Agency

We offer a wide variety of social media marketing, link building, content management, and affordable search engine optimization services for local small business and non-profit organizations of all types.

Our search engine optimization and internet marketing services:

    • Linkbuilding for SEO
    • Content development and consultation
    • Social media marketing
    • Ethical SEO training
    • Online public relations for SEO
    • Article marketing
    • Directory submission
    • On site SEO Architechture
    • Outsourcing for Web Design

What an optimization search engine positioning can help you:

    • Affordable way to increase your web traffic
    • Increase sales
    • Increase branding and consumer trust
    • Increase customer service

Comprehensive SEO Services in Nashville TN:
We focus on providing ethical internet marketing solutions to innovative and forward thinking businesses and startups.

Want to See What Google Can Do for You?
If you want to increase your search positioning and increase your sales, please contact us about our services at (615) 974-9662. Cheers!

Creative Fusion Media is located in Nashville, Tennessee We also happily serve Memphis, Knoxville, Jackson, and the rest of Tennessee as well.

Google’s Own Internal SEO Guru, Matt Cutts

The Only Three Social Social Media Rules You Need To Know

Social Media Money Quotes:

I was recently reading in the comments section on Sparkplugging, and ran across a fantastic comment by Chris Cree that you can’t say enough:

Here’s the money quote for me:

Add value to the community, be real, be a friend

Add Value to Your Community:

The big question then becomes what is of value to your community or the community you are looking to build. Four great ways to find out:

1) Find your community and listen intently. Listening in an inter-cultural arena, is always a great first step.
2) Targeted listening. One example of targeted listening is checking what is popular on del.icio.us. search keywords can help tell you what they are talking about and wondering about. Although if you want to get information on the bleeding edge of innovation, this tactic may be used more at the meta-level.
3) Identify and Engage Prominent Online Communities. If you want to take a more anthropological approach to getting to know the culture and community. Try ethnographically finding the watering holes and strike up a conversation in the heart of the community. Perhaps find your passionistas (your top 10% to 20% most passionate members of your community) and ask them what they want, why they are passionate about your product, and what you can do online to help them interact with your product better.
4) When In Doubt Ask (aka Crowd source it) Pro-actively ask your community (this is commonly known as “crowd sourcing” the community)

“Real, real, real”

One you’ve listening: being real is certainly the next step:
1) Finding an authentic voice for writing and content creation. Hopefully this means askewing abit of the antiquated corporate speak.
2) Gradually discovering what level of transparency works best for you.

Having said that, Cree’s quote is on point. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet you might want to set up some goals and objectives. For instance Chris suggests possible initial objectives for your corporate social media and blogging include:

* Raising brand awareness
* Increasing personal profile
* Driving product or service sales
* Improved search engine visibility
* Put a more personal face on your business
* Providing a personal creative outlet

Blogger Relations Tactics for Blog Marketing: Be human, Add Value:

Chris’ article in the The Age of Conversation relentlessly drives this point home. For instance, you don’t want your blogger relations campaign to look like a spammy viagra advertisement or like a bad used car salesman. Cree remembers getting this less than human–and less than successful pitch:

Hello. I like your http://successcreeations.com. I wonder if you could write a review about my site and place it on your blog (around 150 words, 1–2 anchor). Is it possible? How much will it cost me? If not, tell me what kind of links can you offer. (I don’t need sidewide [sic] ones). Thanks. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I declined the request. Politely.

If you want to get bloggers to write about you then do what I teach my clients. Start by actually reading their blog. Leave some comments that add value to their readership and show you are engaged. Give yourself time to learn a little about them.

When you finally make your pitch, focus on the bloggers and how they’ll benefit. Give them real value. Make them look like heroes to their readers.

If you treat bloggers like people instead of pimps, you’ll have a much better chance of connecting with them.

Don’t treat bloggers like pimps. Great advice. Nobody want to have to take a bath in clorox bleach just to wash of your played out marketing schtick. Besides, at the end of the day, its easier just being human.


Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits. Nathan Ketsdever is the chief internet marketing and online pr strategist at Creative Fusion, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville Social Media

Strategy + Friendly Southern Hospitality Meets Social Media:
The Nashville social media, technology, and startup community continues to build and amaze me. As social media platforms from Facebook and Linked In to blogging and Twittering mainstream, Nashville’s technology and creative sectors will take their true place as a source of international creative capital. Humans reaching are increasingly reaching out now out of a simple desire for self-expression and to create more authentic online conversation.

Need social media strategy or consulting?
If you are a small business, non-profit organization, or church interested in getting involved with social media, please contact me via email or at (615) 974-9662.

Also, if you are interested in learning about the social media space in Nashville, I would be glad to help connect with the right people.

Best Return on Investment (ROI) on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Business Blogging.

Web Metrics and Measurement meets Return on Investment:

If you understand much about how the web operates these days, Google is at the very center of the action. its the place where people go to search for businesses and to find answers

Consequently, it makes sense to invest time and money into ensuring that you rank well with Google. Why? So the next time your customer goes searching for (insert your product or service) that you show up on the first page of the Google search engine page results (aka the SERPS)

I thought this breakdown might help you in calculating the return on investment for search engine marketing and optimization.

Return on Investment on Search Engine Optimization Over a Year:

If a visitor on your website is worth fifty cents:
• Increase in 1 Visitor Per Day = 365 * 1 * .50 = $ 182.50
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 10 * .50 = $ 1820.00
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 100 * .50 = $ 18,200.00

If a visitor on your website is worth a quarter:
• Increase in 1 Visitor Per Day = 365 * 1 * .25 = $ 91.25
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 10 * .25 = $ 912.50
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 100 * .25= $ 9125.00

If a visitor on your website is worth a dime:
• Increase in 1 Visitor Per Day = 365 * 3 * .10 = $ 109.50
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 30 * .10 = $ 1,050.00
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 300 * .10 = $ 10,500.00

Return on Investment on Search Engine Optimization Over Three Years:

If a visitor on your website is worth a quarter:
• Increase in 1 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 3 * 1 * .25 = $ 273.75
• Increase in 10 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 3 * 10 * .25 = $ 2,730.75
• Increase in 100 Visitors Per Day = 365 * 3 * 100 * .25 = $ 27,307.50

If visitors aren’t worth a quarter, perhaps you should amp up the conversion ratio of your website—so visitors are worth a quarter.

Or looked at another way. If you pay $600 for affordable search engine optimization services and SEO training, thats only $200 per year (thats half what it cost to attend most professional conferences these days). Thats peanuts for an online marketing budget. No thats cheaper than peanuts…because it pays for itself several times over.

Lets calculate 24 hours of SEO services at $25 per hour= $600.
(or put another way 8 hours per year at $200)

So $600 / amortized over 3 years = $200 per year

So a $200 per year investment yields between $1,000 to $10,000 in profit. Thats an amazing investment return. 99.9% of stock investments can’t give you a return like and I’m pretty sure most web marketing and search engine optimization firms can’t (because most would charge $5,000 + vs. $300 to 600 for Creative Fusion’s services)

Beyond Calculation:
These calculations don’t take into account the added benefits of making your customers more educated and creating a better relationship with your customer base. More over, the investment alone is merited, because it means your better positioned and branded online to leverage the online communities and web 2.0 technologies.

Want to Rank Higher with Search Engines Like Google?
Are you interested in talking about search optimization or do you have questions about launching a blog for your business or non-profit?

UPDATE: If you want to know how our pricing (less than $1,000) compares to other more expensive pricing ($5,000 -10,000) click here.

For more great guidance check out our blogging and social media best practices resource.

Creative Fusion Media is a ethical search engine optimization company and social media agencythat provides white hat internet marketing services from Nashville, TN.