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SEO Bruce Clay on Search Engine Optimization Training

A successful SEO project starts with training. According to Christopher Hart at Bruce Clay Inc, its all about project management and educating clients. Its vital to have training as a part of a search engine optimization service package, unfortunately all too often search engine optimization firms are content to leave you in the dark instead of building a relationship based on trust:

• Did your SEO training course improve communication and awareness?

• Did your SEO training course improve cooperation between business teams?

• Did your SEO training course help build a strong foundation?

• Did your SEO training course help improve efficiencies?

• Did your SEO training course lower cost and improve ROI?

Bruce Clay continues:

In closing, I ask you, the business owners, the following questions:

• Why the indifference to these realizations when it comes to doing business online?

• Do you feel that you have a well-defined online business strategy or just a poorly-cobbled-together set of projects and initiatives that have been labeled as your online business?

• Are your staffs educated enough to understand the requirements or functions needed of their teams in this business environment?

• Is there visible corporate support for this initiative and are consequences of a lack of support known?

To do anything properly takes time, effort and investment. Your opportunity margins will increase over time, but only if the proper foundation is put in place and there is a corporate culture to support it.

Its important for ethical search engine optimization firms to provide training. We firmly believe that here at Creative Fusion Media. Training helps you see the process and understand the web communication environment better. Only then are you best able to see the full landscape of the available opportunities and risks online. Otherwise you are flying blind with your business ventures online, which is the largest risk.

Thoughts? Do you think training is critical to the search engine optimization process?