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Why social media consultants are bozos | Comparing social media to conversion optimization & closed loop marketing

Comparing the return on investment in social media to conversion optimization (or landing page optimization):

I would want an effective landing page, far more than I would want a great SEO strategy. Why?
1. Its a quicker process (15 to 30 days vs. 9+ months)
2. Its a bigger multiplier (if you’re getting a conversion rate of 1% now and you move that to 15 to 20%–thats HUGE).
3. Landing pages can be used in sales campaigns too, whereas search optimization only has value on the web.
4. The feedback loop for landing page optimization is better than for SEO.
5. SEO is still a black box, despite all the help from SEO Moz and various Software as Service providers in the SEO space.
6. SEO is competing with gray & black hat tactics–landing page optimization does not.
7. Google can shift its algorithm over night. Human psychology changes–but not that dramatically.
8. Landing page optimization can help copy in external communication campaigns.

Basically landing page optimization is science and can be A/B tested–SEO isn’t–it would be low on my priority list–except for getting coverage with large blogs.

I think e-commerce is the only web business which requires more SEO driven strategies. Even then, the large lift at the begining is likely to come from a combination of online one to one PR AND following SEO best practices.

Also, if you are a social strategist or online marketer this is how I would price my strategy services:

Gear your social media packages based on what you determine to be the clients goals.

1. Price by modules
2. Provide bronze, silver, & gold options
3. Provide packages which include training & those which include training & execution. Be specific about the ways you add value to framing their message, strategy, and saving them time.

You haven’t included anything about creating a landing page or an email campaign. Increasingly thats critical to creating a closed loop model of marketing for social media. Without getting user emails you are letting huge holes in your funnel leak. This is why Gary Vanerchuck is able to lob huge criticism at the social media community with some degree of truth.

As a caveat–I’m either going to do an external project OR re-brand here at Creative Fusion–given my understanding of this strategic orientation.

Social Media Metrics : Always be Testing

Social Media Metrics Presentation

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media: The Next Frontier in Public Relations 2.0

Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility with Social Media Tools

I’ve been doing in depth research into corporate social responsibility (CSR), because its something thats personally interesting to me. I also, firmly believe that CSR offers companies a fantastic way to give back to the communities that they grow up in.

Likewise, I believe social media offers a great way for companies to explain to the public what they are doing in terms of corporate social responsibility. In this way it offers a low cost PR 2.0 for your corporate responsibility efforts. Starbucks for one has done a great job of this and consequently has added brand value and marketing, as they show up second in Google for “corporate social responsibility”.

So what is the business case for corporate social responsibility and social media?

1) Target Audience. The online audience is particularly compelled by messages which communicate corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness. In fact, they are probably the most susceptible to such a campaign and they can be uniquely micro-targeted online based on environmental or human rights issue..

2) Dual Use Marketing. A corporate social responsibility social media campaign can serve internal communication roles as well, so that minimal expenditures in terms of money and resources are needed.

3) Blue Ocean Strategy Being first to market gives you a significant edge on the competition. In a technology market that moves so quickly, this window of opportunity is quickly closing.

4) Social ROI Online awareness of corporate social responsibility can drive sales, employee morale, and public relations.

5) Marketing Synergy Its easy to integrate ongoing online PR campaigns in a way that benefit SEO, marketing, and branding goals. Thus its win/win/win for all corporate departments and your bottom line.

So what is the business case for social media and corporate social responsibility?

Big Brand Social Media: Ford’s Social Media Optimization

What is the ROI of Social Media

Why should small businesses invest in social media as a marketing strategy?

I think it gets back to three core reasons:

• Increased trust
• Enhanced relationship
• Turbo-charged ranking

I believe thats a really good “return on blog.”

What differentiates social media strategies and successful blogs online:

• Content (Useful, funny, sticky)
• Community
• Personality
• Focus and depth
• Design
• Strategy
• Productivity and Integration
• Media buy

I believe these are the seven differentiators to social media efforts online. Those who

The Magic of Linked in Answers + Linked In Groups

If you spend 30 minutes each week for the next year and ask one question and answer two to three questions and then decide to connect with 1.5 people each week (or about 20% of the people you would be interacting with) you will have 50 to 75 new connections. Even if these folks don’t have your answer….they likely know someone who does. This saves you from long and drawn out and occassionally ackward options provided by low-end networking in the real world.

The beauty of Linked in is that you can link up with people with both complementary and common interests and passions. Also, it allows you to network with people outside your geography, so someone in web application can connect with people in New York, Austin, and San Fransisco. How cool is that?

The forums both in terms of the groups and the linked in answers option are the ideal water cooler to ask and share ideas. What are you reading recently….what resources to check out…..and who to connect with.

Its important to point out that Linked in isn’t about gathering friends any more than networking is about gathering business cards. It does point to the ability to create a simple system that allows you to connect with thought leaders and even potential business associates. I think its an ideal social network for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and small business owners.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet Evaluation | Convince and Convert

Review of the Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Here is the social media worksheet. You may also want to check out the complete list of social media checklists.

This is an interesting initial engagement, although at a minimum I think it misses some of the listening properties that are included in the Porter Novelli checklist. It also misses some of the key cultural issues with transparency which will be necessary for organizational change with respect to social media. Finally it doesn’t deal with any loopholes or issues with content creation on the part of the company. Although, for having all the info on one page, its certainly a start on a workable social media worksheet.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Describe Client’s Business:

Business goal for social media program (circle one)
• Enthusiasm
• Sales
• Loyalty

where is the audience cyclically?
(circle no more than two)
Awareness>interest>action> enthusiasm>advocacy

How Does the audience use social media? (circle no more than two)

Creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators
(forrester social technographics® ladder http://www.forrester.com/Groundswell/ladder.html)

what one thing is most compelling about this brand?

Why does the audience care?

How will you humanize the brand?

3 metrics used to measure

If you want a more developed social media plan check out Beth’s post on social media strategy which helps you create a checklist and business plan.