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Best Social Media E-books and White papers

Looking for a free e-book or guide about search engine optimization, personal branding, or social media marketing?

I could have listed 30 or 40 social media white papers or e-books that all say generally the same thing, but I’ve made an effort just to include only the best of the best of social media, internet marketing, digital communications, and search engine optimization e-books and white papers. Here they are all 11 of the best online resources for you to enjoy in no particular order:

Social Media Best Practices E-book
Fish Where the Fish Are by Chris Brogan

Web Metrics and Social Media Tracking E-book
Tracking the Influence by Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research

The Birth of Social Media Book
Cluetrain Manifesto by Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Christopher Locke, and Rick Levine.

Social Networking White paper
Using Social Networking for Business

Business and Twitter: Micro sharing White paper
Enterprise Micro sharing by Laura Finton of Pistachio Consulting

New Media Journalism White paper
Crossing the Chasm by Mark Potts

Personal Branding for Social Media E-book
Personal Branding for the Business Professional by Chris Brogan

Search Engine Optimization E-book
SEO for Bloggers by Aaron Wall

Best Free Social Media E-book Resources
20 Free Social Media E-books by Chris Brogan

• David Meerman Scott has several social media E-book resources.

• Check out the free Social Media E-books at Mashable.

Is there an e-book or whitepaper I should have included, but overlooked? Please leave a comment.

Social Media Research From Universal McCann International

Trend Watching Statistics on the Rise of Web 2.0 Use:

This is a fantastic presentation with international useage data for social media and blogs.  You will want to click on the lower right hand button to see the presentation in a larger, readable form.

Thoughts?  What does this mean for the future?