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Why social media consultants are bozos | Comparing social media to conversion optimization & closed loop marketing

Comparing the return on investment in social media to conversion optimization (or landing page optimization):

I would want an effective landing page, far more than I would want a great SEO strategy. Why?
1. Its a quicker process (15 to 30 days vs. 9+ months)
2. Its a bigger multiplier (if you’re getting a conversion rate of 1% now and you move that to 15 to 20%–thats HUGE).
3. Landing pages can be used in sales campaigns too, whereas search optimization only has value on the web.
4. The feedback loop for landing page optimization is better than for SEO.
5. SEO is still a black box, despite all the help from SEO Moz and various Software as Service providers in the SEO space.
6. SEO is competing with gray & black hat tactics–landing page optimization does not.
7. Google can shift its algorithm over night. Human psychology changes–but not that dramatically.
8. Landing page optimization can help copy in external communication campaigns.

Basically landing page optimization is science and can be A/B tested–SEO isn’t–it would be low on my priority list–except for getting coverage with large blogs.

I think e-commerce is the only web business which requires more SEO driven strategies. Even then, the large lift at the begining is likely to come from a combination of online one to one PR AND following SEO best practices.

Also, if you are a social strategist or online marketer this is how I would price my strategy services:

Gear your social media packages based on what you determine to be the clients goals.

1. Price by modules
2. Provide bronze, silver, & gold options
3. Provide packages which include training & those which include training & execution. Be specific about the ways you add value to framing their message, strategy, and saving them time.

You haven’t included anything about creating a landing page or an email campaign. Increasingly thats critical to creating a closed loop model of marketing for social media. Without getting user emails you are letting huge holes in your funnel leak. This is why Gary Vanerchuck is able to lob huge criticism at the social media community with some degree of truth.

As a caveat–I’m either going to do an external project OR re-brand here at Creative Fusion–given my understanding of this strategic orientation.


Social Media Strategy Worksheet Evaluation | Convince and Convert

Review of the Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Here is the social media worksheet. You may also want to check out the complete list of social media checklists.

This is an interesting initial engagement, although at a minimum I think it misses some of the listening properties that are included in the Porter Novelli checklist. It also misses some of the key cultural issues with transparency which will be necessary for organizational change with respect to social media. Finally it doesn’t deal with any loopholes or issues with content creation on the part of the company. Although, for having all the info on one page, its certainly a start on a workable social media worksheet.

Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Describe Client’s Business:

Business goal for social media program (circle one)
• Enthusiasm
• Sales
• Loyalty

where is the audience cyclically?
(circle no more than two)
Awareness>interest>action> enthusiasm>advocacy

How Does the audience use social media? (circle no more than two)

Creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators
(forrester social technographics® ladder http://www.forrester.com/Groundswell/ladder.html)

what one thing is most compelling about this brand?

Why does the audience care?

How will you humanize the brand?

3 metrics used to measure

If you want a more developed social media plan check out Beth’s post on social media strategy which helps you create a checklist and business plan.

What values should drive your ethical seo campaign for your non-profit or small business

I believe there are nine characteristics that should drive your seo or social media campaign in 2009 and beyond. To that end, using passion, experience, inspiration, and insight to guide the following nine core functions:

1) trust
2) relevance (audience centric and resources)
3) relationships (interaction and crowd sourcing)
4) usabillity and user centric design (some would argue social design, like adding “intense debate” and social networking features)
5) conversation, community, and social media
6) real world networking
7) design (magazine, personal, branding, user experience and design, and other aesthetic considerations)
8} originality (thought, look, feel, and perhaps function like aggregation)
9) metrics, tracking, and conversion

What gray and black hat seo tactics should you avoid? Yahoo has a fantastic list of black hat and shady seo tactics to avoid in your search engine marketing in the Yahoo Search Quality Content Guidelines:

* Pages that harm accuracy, diversity or relevance of search results
* Pages dedicated to directing the user to another page (doorway pages)
* Multiple sites or pages offering substantially the same content
* Pages that rely heavily on content or links to content created for another web site, such as affiliate content
* Sites with numerous, unnecessary virtual hostnames
* Pages in great quantity, automatically generated or of little value (cookie-cutter pages)
* Pages using methods to artificially inflate search engine ranking
* The use of text or links hidden from the user
* Pages that give the search engine different content than what the end user sees (cloaking)
* Sites cross-linked excessively with other sites to inflate a site’s apparent popularity (link schemes)
* Pages built primarily for the search engines or pages with excessive or irrelevant keywords
* Misuse or inaccurate use of competitor or brand names
* Sites that use excessive pop-ups, install malware (i.e. spyware, viruses, trojans), or interfering with user navigation
* Pages that seem deceptive, fraudulent, or provide a poor user experience

Would you add any principles for ethical seo or white hat search engine optimization to the list?

Creative Fusion Media is the best ethical SEO, local SEO, and affordable SEO company in Nashville, TN

Social media campaign checklist for the traditional print marketer and pr professional

Introducing PR Agents and Marketers to the World of Social Media Marketing
Social media is radically different from traditional marketing and public relations, so its important to get a primer on the basic principles of social media so that cultural norms aren’t violated in a way that damages relationships, brands, or online success.

Social Media Checklist and Worksheet for PR and Marketing
What is social media? How do you define social media? Social media in plain english

Social media checklist to create a social media business plan by Porter Novelli Public Relations.

Social media strategy worksheet to create an online business plan.

Leveraging social media for public relations and marketing. Thought leadership with social media.

Social Media Checklist for Your Blog A fantastic resource for those getting started blogging.

How to Launch a Blog Checklist. Rohit of Influential Marketing blog on an oft misunderstood part of social media and online public relations.

Social Media Case Study Great corporate social media case study which cites 155% increase in traffic and conversions.

Social Media Checklist Powerpoint Presentation

Where do you want to be in three years in terms of social media? How is your organization going to use social media for marketing, public relations, or thought leadership in 2009 and beyond? What would you put on social media checklist

Social Media Batting Practice: Grocery Store Chain

Online Brand Engagement via Social Media Communities:

What would you do if you were a grocery store chain to create a social media campaign? Whether they were a high-end niche boutique or a mass market grocery store, some of the key aspects of the campaign.

• Create an online show like Winelibrary TV for cooking and dietary needs. Allow host interaction and questions.
• Aggregate dietary information
• Aggregate recipes.
• Create a social network for dietary info and recipes. Make is super easy and social bookmark recipes on your profile.
• Easy to create shopping lists based on recipes
• Allow shoppers to buy online and pick food up for an reasonable fee
• Aggregate local community news and events
• Feature video and transcribed interviews with dietary and food experts.
• Encourage user created and recommended recipes. Add a digg-like ranking feature or thumbs up, thumbs down, or 5 stars rubric for enhanced user engagement.
• Encourage user created photos of recipes.
• Create a budgeting feature
• Include online only discounts, coupons, and specials
• Collaborate with affiliates who already had some of the above content and web applications
• Include a web based call to action on in store flyers and receipts
• Mobile announcement of weekly specials + when the online show goes live.
• Include twitter and a customer service platform as part of the online brand strategy.
• New feature roll out via corporate blog, blogger relations to targeted and influential blogs, and online public relations
• Roll out niche features and that cater to shopping dads, shopping moms, and the Gen X/Gen Y audience segment.
• Optional: create affiliate based advertising with current clients within the scope of the current corporate branding strategy.
• Optional: Easy to use and access Facebook application for ordering online

A strategy that engaged in three or more of the above would also have the byproduct of enhancing the search engine optimization of your website, both in relation to local events and happenings as well in relation to a host of food related queries online.

Creating a Simple Blogging Schedule

Getting Started Blogging the Successful Way:

Creating a blogging schedule can be an important part of your social media experience. One of the key differences between having an effective strategy and just spinning your wheels. If you’re like every other businessperson your time is precious and you want the best ROI for the time you invest in business ventures. Here are three easy to adapt and use examples of possible blogging schedules:

Option One:
Tuesday: Create pillar blog content (:45 min)
Wednesday: Answer Interview Questions (:25 min)
Thursday: Create pillar blog content (:45 min)

Option Two:
Writing when you’re most inspired + free. In other words, squeezing time in when its available

Option Three:
Blocking of time (2-2:30 hours) to write 2 to 4 posts.

Option Four:
Create alternative method or form of content.

Its all about adapting your strengths as a person and business, your time, and your brand to business blogging. I hope you find one that works well for you. What’s your blogging schedule? What works best for you? What tips or advice do you have for others?

Using Social Media like Digg and Stumbleupon Strategically to Increase Web Traffic: A Case Study

National Wildlife Federation

Image via Wikipedia

Want to know more about actual social media and web 2.0 strategies? Fellow avid Digg and Stumbleupon user Danielle Brigida provides two great case studies in social media marketing from her experience at the National Wildlife Federation. Click the arrows below to click through this Slideshare presentation which tells you the basics of getting started, demographics, advantages, and strategies for maximizing the advantages of Stumbleupon and Digg.

Update: this post by Beth breaks down this social media case study presentation slide by slide

You can follow Danielle on Stumbleupon and Digg.

Feel free to add this to Digg and Stumbleupon.

For more great guidance check out our blogging and social media best practices resource.