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Best Online Training Programs for Internet Marketing (SEO, Social Media, and PPC)

To be true. I’m not really sure. I do know however that there are a handful that are trusted in the industry.

SEO Book
Market Motive

In addition, the membership site Mixergy is quite helpful–its focused on the entrepreneurship and business side, which is quite helpful. Third Tribe Marketing is another, but I haven’t used any of their content, so I’m not qualified to make an assessment of the quality of their social media and internet marketing training.


Social Media Optimization : Franchise marketing

Social Media Optimization : Franchise marketing

Franchises should really jump on the social media revolution. Franchises are uniquely positioned to take advantage of size and scalability of their organization in the web space. Two ways franchises can do this is by starting an internal wiki or collaboration tool for better internal communication.

Leveraging wikia for franchise social media optimization. The wiki could combine forum and wiki capabilities, which would enhance the social design and community features and ultimately the value to the franchisers. This would allow sharing of information better. It will allow already ongoing email conversations to scale better and more efficiently. It can help sync up training programs. And forums are a great place to collaborate, share strategy and aggregated best practices. In this way training can be more self-organizing and ultimately more self-directed and efficient. Organizations that can leverage training, particularly in a self-directed way have a unique advantage. Reasonably priced video training modules, helpful powerpoints, and social networking features can be added as necessary.

Second, leveraging a community blog can provide a strategic marketing and public relations advantage. This is critically important. You individual businesses are probably attempting to use blogs now. These can be your laboratories of invention and can serve to generate trust and ranking in Google for your organizational social media web platforms. A community blog can serve to keep your organization a thought leader and give your business front of cortex mind-share in Google.

Any other ideas for franchise search engine optimization, social media optimization, or web strategy?

Our Social Media Marketing, Training, and Consulting Services for Your Company

Creative Fusion Media: Your Social Media Agency and SEO Consulting Company

Our turn key social media services include…

Targeted Social Media Market Research-specific research into your vertical and niche

Online Social Media Customer Research-targeted research based on the social media community interactions of your customers.

Social Media and Blog Content Development Consulting-strategic consulting in the development of content to help your customers, your brand, and your Google ranking.

Social Media Metrics and Tracking-intensive listening to social media interactions and communities online to help leverage your brand and communication message.

Search Engine Optimization Training-don’t get left behind on Google. You ignore the Google algorithm at your own risk. 95% of social media companies, consultants, services, and firms fail to provide search engine optimization services. This is one of the two leading reasons why social media campaigns fail. Don’t let it happen to you.

Creative Fusion Media is Your Ethical SEO, Local SEO, and Affordable SEO in Nashville, TN We are an ethical internet marketing firm who melds the worlds of SEO and social media for real world business results. Our company provides a full range of marketing, consulting, and training services If you need social media consulting, a search engine marketing campaign, or would like someone to help you with your internet marketing needs, please contact us at (615) 974-9662. We look forward to working with you.

Here is an interesting, entertaining, and educational video about the social media community YouTube and its effect on communication and culture.

What a social media consultant does | Or Why Hire a Blog Coach?

What to Look for in Social Media Consultant:

I recently ran across a pretty informative post by Michael Martine that I expanded upon here about the nature of what a blog consultant (also called a social media consultant) does exactly:

Choosing a topic for your blog– Its easy to get sucked into talking about everything under the sun on your blog. Generally, this strategy is a dead end for most blogs. Helping you isolate the topic(s) you want to talk about and the audience you want to talk to for your blog.

Choosing a design (theme, template, whatever) for your blog– Help provide a $300-500 design option as opposed to a $1,500 to $3,000 (Net savings = about $1,500- $2,000). And helping you choose between WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, and the rest.

Determining the objectives of the blog– Helping create some strategic goals so that you can assess the return on investment from your blog.

Understanding the blog’s intended audience– helping tap into your audience needs, interests, and passions.

Advise on or perform blog setup operations– Help walk you through the process of setting up a blog or actually setting it up themselves.

Advise on or perform theme and plugin operations– Helping you separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of widgets and blog extras.

Creating custom blog designs– Help and advise you to help present the best image for your blog design.

Working with popular third-party enhancements, such as FeedBurner and Technorati– Helping you with the ins and outs of the technology that enables blogging to be so transformative.

I will add four more of my own suggestions to the list:

Experienced Advice and Guidance– Advises individuals how to avoid bad internet karma.

Business Blog Productivity– Help you get the maximum bang for the buck and stop you from spinning your wheels with little progress. Provides time saving tactics so you get to focus on what you do best.

Professional Relationship Builder– Helps connect new business bloggers to online influentials, so that they can have readers early on. (Otherwise, you’re in danger of talking to yourself and the crickets)

Strategic Communications Advisor– Helps business target the long tail of search, so that people actually read their blog.

So what does a social media coach do? Got any others?