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We offer a wide variety of social media marketing, link building, content management, and affordable search engine optimization services for local small business and non-profit organizations of all types.

Our search engine optimization and internet marketing services:

    • Linkbuilding for SEO
    • Content development and consultation
    • Social media marketing
    • Ethical SEO training
    • Online public relations for SEO
    • Article marketing
    • Directory submission
    • On site SEO Architechture
    • Outsourcing for Web Design

What an optimization search engine positioning can help you:

    • Affordable way to increase your web traffic
    • Increase sales
    • Increase branding and consumer trust
    • Increase customer service

Comprehensive SEO Services in Nashville TN:
We focus on providing ethical internet marketing solutions to innovative and forward thinking businesses and startups.

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Creative Fusion Media is located in Nashville, Tennessee We also happily serve Memphis, Knoxville, Jackson, and the rest of Tennessee as well.

Google’s Own Internal SEO Guru, Matt Cutts


SEO Bruce Clay on “Ranking is Dead” at Pubcon 2008 | Web Pro News Interview

Bruce Clays Predictions for Google and Personalized Search Engine Rankings
Bruce Clay, who is a white hate link builder and seo, predicts that as Google personalization increases, linking will decrease as a search engine factor, video will increase, and that content and user engagement will increase in value. This suggests that social media and the two-way interactivity will play a bigger role in the future.

My Analysis of the Bruce Clay PubCon 2008 Predictions:
Bruce’s words were a little on the hyperbolic side and certainly more personalization is coming down the pike from Google as we are entering the social era of the web, however linking will still have a dramatic impact.

Also, Bruce fails to note that personalized ranking isn’t available for everyone, it only will effect people 1) with a Google account 2) that alter the rankings significantly. people aren’t going to willy nilly play with the rankings 3) and should only effect people when they are logged onto Google (although it might be IP based, but that seems absurd given that many computers have multiple users and would run against the premise of personalization).

The Temporary Death (aka Disappearance) of Google-Search Wiki: Google Search Ranking (SERP) Trends to Watch for 2009 and Beyond:

Ultimately, irrespective of the micro-action Google takes on its most recent foray into results personalization with search-wiki, two search ranking trends seem very evident:
1) personalization of search (Google likely sees this as part of the larger movement toward social tools and the micro-ization across a host of issues)
2) better scanning of video and audio, which will eventually push these up in the search rankings (although this trend may be 2 to 4 years off)

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits. Nathan Ketsdever is the chief internet marketing and online pr strategist at Creative Fusion, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Making the case for blogger relations

Current PR, Marketing, and Advertising Looks Like This

Have you ever had this experience? Awkward huh?

But this doesn’t have to be the case…Companies can be less corporate. More personal. More human.

There are alternatives to traditional advertising and media buys:

The influence of blogs is spreading to more traditional, mainstream media. Hence, effective social media and blogger relations can lead low cost media coverage (How is that for return on investment?):

Meanwhile, the blogosphere has exploded. According to Advertising Age, “There are about 15 million active blogs read by 57 million people, a number that gives bloggers great credibility, power and influence as sources of information for everything from news to corporate reputations to product purchasing.”

However, much of the talk a few years ago – that blogs would supplant mainstream media – seems antiquated now.

• A Pew Internet & American Life Project survey found 85% bloggers read newspapers, while a Fusion PR survey found 78% of technology journalists read blogs.
• While some of the most popular bloggers are being assimilated by mainstream media, 35% of technology journalists maintain their own blog.
• According to The State of the News Media 2007, “The relationship between blogs and traditional media, in the end, may be more complementary, even synergistic, as time moves on.”


Its also a great way to create ethical search engine optimization. It beats SPAM and other black and gray hat SEO strategies with a stick.

Social Media Batting Practice: Grocery Store Chain

Online Brand Engagement via Social Media Communities:

What would you do if you were a grocery store chain to create a social media campaign? Whether they were a high-end niche boutique or a mass market grocery store, some of the key aspects of the campaign.

• Create an online show like Winelibrary TV for cooking and dietary needs. Allow host interaction and questions.
• Aggregate dietary information
• Aggregate recipes.
• Create a social network for dietary info and recipes. Make is super easy and social bookmark recipes on your profile.
• Easy to create shopping lists based on recipes
• Allow shoppers to buy online and pick food up for an reasonable fee
• Aggregate local community news and events
• Feature video and transcribed interviews with dietary and food experts.
• Encourage user created and recommended recipes. Add a digg-like ranking feature or thumbs up, thumbs down, or 5 stars rubric for enhanced user engagement.
• Encourage user created photos of recipes.
• Create a budgeting feature
• Include online only discounts, coupons, and specials
• Collaborate with affiliates who already had some of the above content and web applications
• Include a web based call to action on in store flyers and receipts
• Mobile announcement of weekly specials + when the online show goes live.
• Include twitter and a customer service platform as part of the online brand strategy.
• New feature roll out via corporate blog, blogger relations to targeted and influential blogs, and online public relations
• Roll out niche features and that cater to shopping dads, shopping moms, and the Gen X/Gen Y audience segment.
• Optional: create affiliate based advertising with current clients within the scope of the current corporate branding strategy.
• Optional: Easy to use and access Facebook application for ordering online

A strategy that engaged in three or more of the above would also have the byproduct of enhancing the search engine optimization of your website, both in relation to local events and happenings as well in relation to a host of food related queries online.

The Art of White Hat Linkbuilding


Guide to Creating Amazing (Link worthy) Online Content for Blogs:

Writing link worthy content is certainly an art and buying links is the opposite of what you want to do. Without further ado, here are some great link building tips to help increase your search engine rankings:

• Offer a niche-specific blogroll, tool, How-To, or compilation of news stories.
• Post a scoop.
• Expose a story as flawed or a fraud
• Be a contrarian about a story, product, or prominent blogger’s opinion.
• Be humorous. Good topics include a bizzare pic of your subject, “10 things I hate about…”, and “You know you’re a when…”
• Publish or commission some original research
• Creative-Commons-license photos you made of an event you’re blogging about
• Make available for free a theme, plugin or piece of software
• Start a meme that others can replicate and that links back to you (e.g. buttons/stickers/tools for bloggers/webmasters to post on their sites, contests, quizzes, surveys, etc.)

Another list encourages companies to do ethical and natural link building by:

• Get a Delicious badge, and display the number of bookmarks as well as the tags
• Offer a badge of honor, something like “a carbon neutral site”
• Offer a button for voting to install on other websites & blogs
• Offer a widget for bloggers, something useful that will spread by itself
• Stage a contest, it should be fun and the prizes should be worth it
• Organize a blog carnival choosing a topic that matters for many people
• Link out plenty, especially to bloggers, some will link back others will bookmark, some links will appear directly as ping and trackbacks
• Contact people who might link to you (I do not mean a reciprocal link request)

To this list I would re-emphasize or add:

• natural on site link building
• linking out to quality resources and similar stories
• commenting on similar stories in the comments
• creating a project or experiment
• creating a daily or weekly themed post (like a news segment)
• the creation of humorous content
• visual communication
• amazing photograph or design
• insightful photograph or design
• simplicity in design
• interviews with unique content
• expert content (the TED talks, Google Talks, and Stanford MBA videos are a great example)
• create a community effect
contests work
• top 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 25, and 101 lists tend to do well (Copy Blogger and Problogger are proof)
• content that is appealing to the social media communities at Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon
• Going to real world events or virtual events and connecting via Twitter, Facebooks, and blog comments can be helpful.
• Longtail strategies like nichifying your content by appealing to a specific group, especially when no one else is covering the topic.
• Audience centric content is critical to your link white hat building efforts (WIFM?)
• Tailored appeals to check out your post via email to people in your niche or who might otherwise be interested in your content.

Additional White Hat Linkbuilding Tips and Resources for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : and Creating Link Bait and Finding Linkbait Hooks
101 Linkbuilding Tips at SEOBook by Aaron Wall
7 Types of Blog Posts that Always Seem to Get Links at Problogger
Seven Search Engine Optimization Experts on Link building and SEO from SEOish
How to Get Blogs to Link to Your Posts at Problogger
Link bait hooks outlined by Stuntdubl

Thoughts? How do you get great content for search engine optimization (SEO) and social media readership? How do you create linkbait?

If you would like to know more about my white hard link building, social media, or search engine optimization services I would be glad to help you. For more social media resources, white hat link building , and social media case studies check our social media lab.

White Hat SEO Services | Search Engine Optimization as the Engine for Customer Acquisition

Three cool presentations about search engine optimization by SEO guru Stephan Spencer

(h/t Darren)

Six Tips for Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Non-profit or Christian Organization

(image credit: margolove)

I just published Six Tips for Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Non-profit or Christian Organization. An additional bonus tip is included as well as four great tips for hiring a search engine optimization firm or freelance seo.

Search Engine Optimization Tactics for Successful Marketing and Web Traffic

Tips for Search Engine Optimization 101: Finding Out What Google Can Do For You:

A successful search engine optimization campaign will likely include several of the following best nine tactics to implement the campaign management:

• Strategic and targeted linkbuilding
• Strategic URL acquisition
• Search engine directory submission
• Blog content strategy
• Maximize the opportunities of social networking and Web 2.0 technologies via social media optimization (SMO)
• Analytics Reporting with Technorati, Google, and other analytics tools.
Search engine marketing (SEM) via pay per click (PPC) advertising management with Google, MSN Live, and Yahoo to jump start your campaign
• Strategic landing pages to greet your customers
• Online blogger relations

Where Its 2008. Its time to make your users happy. Its time to make it easy to find you on search engines. Its time to start a genuine online conversation. That means fusing search engine optimization with social media optimization.

Your customers are spending time online. They are searching for answers to their problems and economic decisions in Google. They are on Facebook. They’re on YouTube. And, they are reading blogs for fun and for human connection and conversation.

So, now the ball or rather the question is in your court. Are you ready to actually talk to them online? Are you ready to start a two-way conversation about how they feel about your product? Your service? And your brand?

The Best Ten Free SEO Keyword Tools and Resources and Fundamentals of Ethical SEO Strategy

Getting Started with the Fundamentals of Ethical Search Engine Optimization:

Strategically picking keywords a fundamental part of successful search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. Here are some great free keyword search tools for website and blog search engine marketing:

Google Keywords Tool

Quintura Keywords Tool

Wordtracker Keyword Tool (free and paid options)

Keyword Questions tool by Wordtracker is a great way to leverage long tail keywords and search phrases.

Post Rank to gauge community engagement on your blog. This can provide great insight into which posts should be updated.

Free Keyword Tool by Aaron Wall of SEO Book

Spy Fu (this tool has transformed and isn’t quite as cool)

• Bruce Clay’s Search Engine Optimization Toolset

• SEO Chat’s Search Engine Optimization Toolset.

SEO Toolset (free and paid options)

BONUS SEO Tool: Linkdiagnosis is great for checking backlinks in Yahoo.

Hittail is a fantastic way to find long tail keywords and low hanging fruit in terms of keywords you rank for (its now $10 per month or $100 per year) They offer a 60 day trial to check it out.

Moving from Keywords to More Advanced Search Engine Optimization Campaign Management:

We can help you use these tools to maximize your search engine optimization and other search engine marketing efforts. The next steps in search engine optimization include:

Ethical SEO Multiplier: Business Blog and Social Media Content Strategy:

• Devising an overall content strategy, which will likely include launching a blog
• Creating content that leverages your SEO and SEM keywords
• Creating a content strategy that captures your brand message and your personal strengths and passions.

Website Metrics: Listening and Maximizing Your Return on Investment

• Web metrics tracking, to understand how users are interacting with your website
• Listening to your web metrics and devising an ethical SEO and SEM strategy
• Looking at who is linking to your competitors
• Finding out who is linking to you
• Discovering who is talking about your competitors in the blogopsphere
• Investigating who is talking about you in the blogosphere

Springboards to Other Market Advantages:

• Investigating the options that Web 2.0 and social media platforms offer you for your ethical web strategy
• Matching your web strategy to your overall brand
• And ultimately, connecting with your customer online

The search engine world is both technical and complex if you don’t understand it, but far easier if you understand how search engines work and the unique culture of Gen X and Gen Y online. If you have questions about what this means or how to move to the next step and beyond, we would be glad to help you with your white hat seo training, ethical seo campaign management, or any other small business SEO needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at (615) 594-2095