Calculating the estimated SEO value of Google Page Rank

Calculating pagerank is an important part of search engine optimization. How much does Google page rank effect. Each PR level is said to be logrithically greater than the last, so I’ve decided to set up a chart which helps decide how much each level of page rank is worth. It helps to visualize each level, so your search engine ranking strategy effectively leverages each level.

PR 0 1
PR 1 10
PR 2 100
PR 3 1000
PR 4 10000
PR 5 100000
PR 6 1000000
PR 7 10000000
PR 8 100000000

A second measure of value. These values are for theoretical purposes only.

PR 0
PR 1 .25
PR 2 2.50
PR 3 25.00
PR 4 250.00
PR 5 2,500.00
PR 6 25,000.00
PR 7 250,000.00
PR 8 2,250,000.00

Creative Fusion Media provides social media consulting services and ethical and affordable search engine optimization solutions to innovative companies and forward thinking non-profits.


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