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The Value of Outsourcing SEO

What is the value of outsourcing SEO?

As an SEO freelancer who coordinates content production, link building, and consequent increases in search engine ranking I’ve been thinking about the ROI of outsourcing SEO. There are a couple advantages I think that many companies overlook:

Time– It takes time to learn SEO. How long did it take you to learn how to write? SEO is similar as a learning process, especially without someone to guide you and your company. Time is a very, very valuable commodity. In business time is the difference between success and failure.
Human Resources– The need to create more content often can’t be filled internally, especially if you are one of the Fortune one million: the small businesses that are the engine of our economy. Outsourcing SEO saves you time and experience, and resources that can be better spent focusing on your sales and bottom line.
Media buy Value Add– Search engine optimization and content development is in many ways analogous to a media buy. However, in the case of SEO its a far more targeted and far more trackable transaction than a 30 second spot you fun before the Superbowl or the local news.

If you have SEO outsourcing needs, Creative Fusion Media can provide content development and linkbuilding for a very affordable rate to suit your budgetary needs.

What do you think? What do YOU think is the value added or return on investment from search engine optimization? Feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comments section

Picking Quality Outsourcing Companies and Vendors

We want to pick quality vendors. We believe that picking vendors has three fundamental criteria:

• Ethical and responsible vendor
• A company that delivers a quality product
• A company that delivers value

What do you think about the values your outsourcing companies? What criteria do you use?

Outsourcing Content Development for SEO

Outsourcing to Optimize Your Life
One great way to 80/20 your life is to outsource your content development for SEO. Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean sending your work to India via offshoring, it can mean finding a content expert in the United States who can professionally create content which improves your brand image and dramatically increases your search engine rankings.

Outsourcing to Optimize Business Success
Outsourcing has the added bonus of not only clearing your time schedule, but also clearing your mind. In an age of information overload its critical to be able to focus on your business strategy and execution instead of minding your p’s and q’s of english grammar. Hiring a professional and ethical SEO outsourcing team can have the added bonus of helping you secure the highest in quality online content at an affordable rate. Whether in technology, manufacturing, information management, or any other industry,business process outsourcing is all about making your life easier and simpler

Outsourcing for Quality Content Development and Personal Branding
Most SEO firms outsource to foreign firms without much care for the quality of the product. Thats not to say that foreign outsourcing is bad or decreases quality, it simply means that many SEO companies settle for the bottom of the barrel in terms of quality of content which represents your brand.

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