Affordable Search Engine Optimization Training | White Hat SEO Training, Workshops, and Seminars

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization is the process of making your more search engine and user friendly, thus increasing the rank of your website in Google.

Why is increasing Search Engine Optimization important for business?
Its important to get targeted traffic to your website. And of course customers drive business.

Why Get Search Engine Optimization Training?
SEO training is helpful understand how search engine optimization work and do be able to do search engine optimization for your self. SEO can run $1,000 to $5,000 a month, while training is a much more affordable option.

Why Get Ethical White Hat SEO Training?
White hat is the ethical variety of search engine optimization, in sharp contrast to gray and black hat methods. The other methods risk being penalized in Google, whereas white hat methods are better for your brand and your long term search results. Experienced SEO Jessica Bowman points out:

Get facilitated SEO training, whether it be an in-house SEO training that someone creates for your company, a training class that walks you through SEO 101 in a logical fashion, or SEO certification programs such as those offered by SEMPO and Market Motive. There is so much information out there right now that it’s a challenge to get the big-picture understanding and list of action items in the same fashion as a structured training class.

The High Return on Investment for Our SEO Training Solutions:
Our training solutions add a ton of value to your bottom line.

    • We also include blogging and social media marketing training in our SEO training and seminars.
    • We charge a fraction of the cost of other search engine optimization training and educational courses.
    • We cover both basic and advanced techniques of search engine optimization, white hat link building, and social media marketing.
    • I have experience getting first page Google results, extensive traffic, and building links for multiple search phrases.
    • With almost all other training options you are risk a bad student ratio whereas I can teach you one on one or your web or communications team.
    • Additionally, I can travel your places of business to meet your own tailored SEO needs, which saves you time and money.

What does our search engine optimization training include?

    • Learn the fundamentals of key word research
    • Learn about link building tactics
    • Learn how to blog productively
    • Learn what great content is
    • Learn market research
    • Learn how to make your online efforts productive
    • Learn about social media marketing

Where Can I Get Affordable Search Engine Optimization Training and Tutorials?

    • Via Creative Fusion Media’s Affordable SEO Training Solutions ($200 to $300)

    • Via Bruce Clay’s SEO Training ($2,000 to $3,500)

    Via SEMPRO ($1,400 to $2,800)

Please contact us if you have basic, intermediate, or advanced training needs which are tailored to your organization’s unique web and business needs. Please contact us via phone at (615) 594-2095 or via email at nathanketsdever [at]

Here is a primer course in Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers from Google expert Matt Cutts

Still not convinced about customized, ethical, and affordable SEO training:

Workshop Lesson 1: Fundamentals of SEO Training:
• How does Google evaluate sites for ranking?
• How do you do keyword research?
• Which SEO competitive research tools are best?
• What are the best free tools to use for SEO?

Workshop Lesson 2: Link building SEO Training:
• What is link building?
• Why is link building important for SEO?
• What is the best blog platform for SEO?
• What is the long tail of SEO?
• Is the long tail of SEO a myth?

Workshop Lesson 3: Small Business SEO Training:
• What is local SEO?
• How can local SEO help a small business?
• How can small businesses compete in google?
• Are blogs good for SEO?

Workshop Lesson 4: Competitive Research and Free Tools Training:
• How can you do the best competitive research?
• How can you build links?
• How can you steal your competitions keyword data?
• How can you steal your competitions link building strategy?
• How are my competitors outranking me?
• Am I leaving money on the table by not having an SEO strategy?

Feel free to call us at with your search engine optimization questions and training needs. We would love to help you and your business (615) 594-2095


5 responses to “Affordable Search Engine Optimization Training | White Hat SEO Training, Workshops, and Seminars

  1. thanks for this useful post…

    how could recover site that banned by google ?

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  5. Fix the problem. Ask to get back in. Explain why you provide user value to Google customers.

    Best of luck. I guess thats why you have to ensure not to use gray and black hat seo. And thats why training is critical.

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